Some precautions for the decoration of old people'

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Now most of them are only children, and the decorated houses will generally live with their parents, so the bedroom design of the old people's room has become a key point of the new house decoration. What are the key points of the old people's room decoration design? How to decorate the old people's room

the layout of the living room of the elderly should be based on their physical conditions. The furniture should fully meet the requirements of the elderly for convenience in getting up and lying down. Practical and beautiful furniture should be combined. Decorative items should be few and not miscellaneous. Straight and parallel layout should be adopted to make the line of sight transition peaceful, avoid forcing the factors that guide the line of sight, strive to be unified as a whole, and create a friendly, comfortable and elegant environment conducive to the physical and mental health of the elderly

the layout should be "eye-catching"

from a scientific point of view, the harmony and unity of color, light and heat can add fun to life for the elderly, make people happy physically and mentally, and help eliminate fatigue and bring vitality. The elderly generally have poor eyesight, get up frequently at night, and the light intensity at night should be moderate. And don't forget to have potted flowers in your room. Green is the symbol of life and the source of life. With green plants, the room is full of vitality. It can also adjust the indoor temperature and humidity to make the indoor air fresh. Some old people like to raise birds. A few chirping birds that are pleasant and nourishing can make life more enjoyable. It is more practical to put a reclining chair, easy chair or rattan chair in front of flowers, and the effect will be better

the fabric of the elderly's room is the finishing touch of whether the room is exquisite.

the colors of bedsheets, bedspreads, curtains, door curtains, pillowcases, sofa towels, tablecloths, wall hangings, etc. are either simple and dignified, or elegant and fresh, which should be coordinated with the overall tone of the room, and the pattern should also be simple. In terms of materials, materials that can not only heat preservation, dust prevention, sound insulation, but also beautify the room should be selected




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