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Warm congratulations to Jane aipaul home for successfully joining hands with Datong, Shanxi, and starting the journey of ideal

in March, the early spring in Foshan is cold and chilly, and everything recovers and is full of vitality. Good news came one after another. President Hu Fudi of Datong, Shanxi Province officially signed a contract to join Jane aipaul home, which exploded the third shot in March. Warmly welcome President Hu to join the big family of Jane Eyre Paul. The strong cooperation between the two sides marks Jane Eyre Paul's strong re establishment of the flag, adding a heavy color to Jane Eyre Paul's 2016 Investment Fair

the world is so big. President Hu, who has operated the building materials industry here for many years, also knows the building materials industry very well and is a senior person with a considerable position in Datong; It is said that the more knowledgeable people choose brands, they will be more comprehensive, and they will be very clear about what kind of enterprises they want to cooperate with, and what kind of enterprises can lead her to go more smoothly and brilliantly in the home furnishing industry

President Hu believes that Jane Paul home is a brand with strong awareness. Before President Hu visited the headquarters, she learned about Jane eypaul through telephone communication. She realized that Jane eypaul home was actively catering to the core needs, interests and emotions of consumers. Jane eypaul home was a brand that was constantly improving itself and innovating to repay the society

President Hu visited the Foshan headquarters of Jane Paul in person and had a more in-depth conversation with Jane Paul's merchants, but the first collision did not immediately reach a cooperation agreement. President Hu, who is famous for her dedicated business, believes that it also needs to shop around. After the subsequent investigation and comparison of many other customized wardrobe brands, she said that the product quality of Jane eypaul home is beyond doubt. It is a high-quality brand that truly brings consumers a comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly living environment, and an environmental protection enterprise that truly takes root in the psychology of consumers

what's more important is the training support, opening support and activity support provided by Jane eypaul home to the franchise store. Moreover, the marketing mode and marketing team of Jane eypaul home are also deeply infected with President Hu, so choosing Jane eypaul is the only move after President Hu has made many comparisons and considerations

· as long as the road is right, we are not afraid of the long way ·

Jane aipaul's common cause of home furnishing, because only by acting together can people with similar aspirations realize their ideals together; This is reflected in the cooperation between President Hu and Jane aipaul home

when people are united, Mount Tai moves. When opportunities meet Jane Eyre Paul's home, opportunities and inspiration are not favored by industrious people who strive for them, but by them. Only industrious people are ready to receive them. As long as the road is right, we are not afraid of the long way. There will be gains if we cultivate. As long as we make unremitting efforts, improve and enrich ourselves to the greatest extent, and try our best to improve our competitive strength, we will have a bright future

there are other important things that must be done three times: the Jane Eyre Paul Investment Summit is coming! Jane Eyre Paul Investment Summit is coming! Jane Eyre Paul Investment Summit is coming

only when you are with the peak can you have foresight; Only with excellence can we achieve success; Meet Jane Paul and win the future! If you are the one with entrepreneurial dreams, if you know how to seize opportunities, if you are the one who hesitates, join hands with Jane eypaul on March 18, not afraid of the long road and the long heart. Jane eypaul home is with you to open up new territories and create the most beautiful future

・ details of Investment Summit ・

conference address: Jane Paul home Foshan marketing headquarters

conference time: March 17, 2016

14:00-16:40 p.m. (sign in)

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