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Kaisheng wood door has great brand influence in the home furnishing industry. While focusing on the design and production of products, Kaisheng wood also attaches great importance to dealers, and faithfully provides high-quality services and multiple supports for dealers and franchisees

Kaisheng wooden door has great brand influence in the home furnishing industry. While focusing on the design and production of products, Kaisheng wooden door also attaches great importance to dealers. Kaisheng wooden door has the cooperation concept of common development and common growth with dealers, and faithfully provides high-quality services for dealers and franchisees, providing them with multiple supports. So that dealers and franchisees can cooperate with Kaisheng wooden door

1. Design support:

after determining the sales site, as long as we provide the site size, store height measured on the spot, and attach the actual scene of the site, we will provide the company's unified store image design (plan, elevation, ceiling drawing, effect drawing). If the area is larger, the designer will arrange field visits

2. Decoration support:

provide high decoration subsidies, and the corresponding cost subsidies according to the city level and the unified decoration grade of the company

3. Sample support

samples ordered for the first time enjoy the highest discount from the manufacturer, and provide sample style matching tracking services in exclusive stores. If its annual sales amount reaches the specified amount of the company, it will enjoy the annual performance rebate given by the company

4 Promotion support

during the opening period of the franchise store and holidays, we provide you with high-quality and low-cost promotional products, price policy support and gift support. Provide all kinds of corporate gifts for a long time (such as envelopes, handbags, logo formation, handicrafts, paper cups, etc.)

5 Advertising support

in order to let our corporate culture penetrate into the hearts of consumers and provide the popularity of Kaisheng brand image, the company unifies advertising and publicity, provides dealers with corporate image publicity brochures and image brochures of various products, provides sales contracts, certificates of honor, color boards, wood samples and other props to assist in sales, and provides regional market planning and advertising support, We provide some cost support in outdoor advertising and bus advertising

with its forward-looking vision and global business philosophy, Kaisheng wooden door is committed to providing high-quality, high-end, healthy and environmental friendly overall home solutions for villas, high-end residential areas, commercial clubs and star rated hotels, and is committed to building a world-class overall home famous brand. It has extremely broad development prospects, and we sincerely look forward to the joining of franchisees




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