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Sparks light up the road to dreams - the 2019 "happy children's dream" promise plan is fully launched

some people say that four years is a long time, after all, it has crossed 16 seasonal changes; Some people say that four years is very short, after all, a person's life is very long; Four years is the right time for Nordic plan, which is the time for us to grow up and the witness of our adherence

Nordic plan Luoding station activity records take pictures of ordinary people and create extraordinary things together. Since its establishment, ou Shennuo has been strict with product quality and customer reputation, and has the same courage to assume social responsibility. It has also implemented public welfare charity activities from multiple places, angles and directions by carrying out a series of public welfare love activities such as educational support, disaster relief and poverty alleviation, and caring for children

photo of the activity record of Nordic plan Hohhot station since the establishment of the public welfare project Nordic plan public welfare love activity (hereinafter referred to as Nordic plan), which was sponsored by the initiative of Ou Shennuo in 2016, it has expanded philanthropy to remote mountainous areas across the country, with a high sense of responsibility, honor and mission, work plans, and give play to the spirit of struggling to overcome difficulties, Help the development of philanthropy in Foshan and even the whole country

the public welfare goal of the Nordic plan is to provide educational support services for groups such as remote areas and left behind children, improve their living and learning environment, promote their healthy growth of body and mind through book reading and sports, and bless them to overcome the hardships of life, dream, make progress and change the future

at the same time, the Nordic plan aims to become a love platform for common public welfare and charity, actively drive more social masses to jointly pay attention to and participate in improving the learning and growth environment of poor children and left behind children, and jointly publicize and act for the collection of books, picture books and sports equipment. By 2018, volunteers of the Nordic plan had traveled all over 23 cities in China, donating more than 10000 books, tens of thousands of sports equipment and stationery supplies to thousands of schoolchildren

the photo of the activity record of Nordic plan Jincheng station. The four-year charity road of the new journey as scheduled, our original intention remains unchanged and our steps are not stopped. In 2019, nordo plans to work with China Youth Development Foundation, a well-known public welfare organization in China, to carry out the activity of "happy children, dream and go together", create a new stage of public welfare line, and focus on caring for every small but valuable dream of poor children

and every dream deserves to be respected, and every child's dream deserves to be understood. It is for this belief that the "happy child dream and promise to go together" activity was born. In this activity, we plan to visit ten cities and ten schools. In addition to material care, we will focus on caring for the dreams of children of all ages, support them to write down their wishes, compile records, and gradually implement help to become a reliable force for them to realize their dreams

the event benefited from the joint participation of the China Youth Development Foundation, and successfully invited the famous CCTV host Nigel Maiti to become the assisting guest of "happy tongmengnuo peers". It is worth mentioning that Oushennuo interacts with all forces, transmits activity information through wechat official account, Weibo, Tiktok and other platforms, and actively plays the power of online communication, aiming to make children's dreams get more attention and care

in the past four years, nordo plan has gradually moved towards a steady path of charity; Four years later, nordo plans to integrate new blood into a new journey! Let's walk together on the road of poverty alleviation and student assistance, and hand in hand to deliver a warm future for children in poor areas. May the spark within our power illuminate their path to their dreams. We also hope that you will accompany us on the road of charity in the future





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