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1、 Set up the line transformation in advance

generally, pay attention to the following problems in the hydropower Transformation: design the water circuit according to the use of the basin and electrical appliances, and reserve openings at the corresponding positions of the kitchen cabinet; Determine the direction of the waterway according to the use of hot and cold water; Give full consideration to safety issues, such as the solution of high-power electrical appliances, vulnerability safety test, waterway pressure test, etc

II. Appropriately reduce the side hung door

the side hung door is the most common way to open the door of the cabinet, but for the ground cabinet and the top cabinet, it is required to have a certain opening space for the cabinet door. For the top cabinet, the way of moving up to open the cabinet door can be adopted, and its advantages are particularly prominent in narrow and inconvenient spaces. When the cabinet door is opened, it moves up in parallel, and even if the installation position is low, it will not hit the head. The opening mode of damping can make the cabinet door stop at any point, which is more convenient for operation. Items placed deep in the ground cabinet are generally difficult to take. Using drawers can avoid unnecessary squatting, and it is not necessary to vacate most of the items in the cabinet in order to take out something. However, the cost of installing drawers will be higher than that of installing cabinet doors, which should be considered when selecting configurations

third, set up the ventilation system scientifically

the kitchen space is relatively small, but the density of kitchen facilities is very high. Kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances, stoves, pipes &hellip& hellip; In addition, we cook in the kitchen every day, making it a place with mixed smoke. Whether from the comfort of people working in the kitchen or from the perspective of safety, ventilation is very important for the kitchen. The layout of air supply and exhaust outlets in the kitchen should be considered according to the specific location of the stove, so as not to cause the back suction of lampblack during ventilation. For the sake of safety, the exhaust system of the kitchen should be divided according to the fire compartment, try not to pass through the firewall, and install fire dampers when passing through

IV. set up auxiliary lighting at the appropriate position

good kitchen generally has high requirements for lighting. Good kitchen lighting can not only improve work efficiency and safety, but also affect people's appetite and mood. In order to facilitate the operation of the kitchen, the lamps and lanterns are mainly ceiling lamps, downlights and ceiling lamps. In the cutting and cooking parts, auxiliary lighting can be set at the junction of the hanging cabinet and the wall. An embedded or semi embedded astigmatic ceiling lamp is set above the console, and the inlet is covered with transparent glass or transparent plastic, which can make the ceiling simple and reduce the trouble caused by dust and oil pollution. For general kitchen lighting, warm incandescent lamps should be used as the light source, and cold fluorescent lamps should not be used, because light is also very important to the appearance of food, which can affect people's appetite. Because people spend a long time in the kitchen, the lighting should be comfortable and attractive, which can improve the enthusiasm of making food

v. choose the kitchen configuration according to the lifestyle

choose what kind of kitchen configuration you choose. What can the kitchen do? Most Chinese people think that this is the place for cooking, while European and American families think that the kitchen should have entertainment functions such as TV and party, which directly reflects the huge differences in lifestyle. The open kitchen makes the space of the kitchen larger and more open, and also allows the kitchen to contain more space functions. You can set up a professional wine cabinet here to make the kitchen a wine tasting area; Reserve a small reading area here for reading and recreation; Reserve network cables to meet your mobile office needs. Now we can see more and more complete kitchen configurations. Choose something suitable for yourself and customize your own life





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