Cofan customized the renewal of the German red dot

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The contract renewal of cofan customization, one of the top ten wardrobe brands, was officially completed on December 6, and it was determined that Dr. Peter Zack, chairman of the German red dot award, would continue to serve as the brand ambassador. Enterprises always adhere to the design dream, strive for the popularization of customized furniture, and strive for the internationalization of intelligent furniture manufacturing

coven and Peter Zack are based on mutual understanding. Coven customization adheres to the design concept of "less is more", and has won the German Red Dot Design Award for three years. In 2013, coven won the German red dot award, known as the "Oscar" in the industrial design industry. In 2015, the two representative works of coven customization won the German red dot concept design award respectively. In 2016, coven customization won the German if award again, showing the world the Chinese original design

Dr. Peter Zack, chairman of the red dot award, renewed his appointment as the image ambassador of cofan. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the red dot award and the "good design in China" award ceremony held in Xiamen in 2015, Peter Zack was deeply impressed by cofan's design and was very interested in cofan's customized multi variety customization mode. He believes that only design with life and ideas can lead the future, which is not intended to be merged with the design concept of cofan and became cofan's image ambassador, promoting Chinese home design to the world

President Lin of cofan signed a contract with Dr. Peter Zack, the chairman of the red dot award, to serve as cofan's image ambassador

cofan has focused on whole house customization for 11 years, adhered to the road of independent brand innovation, and is committed to creating peace of mind formaldehyde free household products. At present, cofan stores have covered hundreds of stores across the country. After entering Malaysia and Vietnam, it has successfully entered Cambodia, and its products continue to sell well in major household stores across the country. In order to better improve the popularity and reputation of its brand and realize brand upgrading, we have joined hands with the chairman of the German red dot award to let customization fly into the homes of ordinary people




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