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At the beginning of the new year, everything is new. The wide wallpaper production line carefully developed by Xi'an Aerospace Huayang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. has been successfully tested in a large wallpaper factory in Jiangsu recently

at the beginning of the new year, everything is new. The wide wallpaper production line carefully developed by Xi'an Aerospace Huayang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. has been successfully tested in a large wallpaper factory in Jiangsu recently, and the products produced meet the requirements of customers and industry standards, which marks that Huayang company has gone through technical research, prototype trial production, production process research, product trial production The development of the PVC wide wall cloth production line launched after the feedback and revision of the design was successful

pvc wall cloth is strong, wide, waterproof, durable, not easy to fade and anti microbial, easy to take care of, easy to replace, moderate price and other characteristics. At this stage, it is mainly used for indoor wall decoration of high-end hotels and high-end apartments. It has broad market prospects and investment value in the field of indoor wall decoration

on the basis of 16 years of research and development of wallpaper production equipment, Xi'an Aerospace Huayang company adheres to the business philosophy of being responsible for itself, being responsible for users, not taking user training, and not letting users take risks. After introducing German wallpaper equipment design and manufacturing technology, after more than two years of digestion and absorption, prototype design, prototype manufacturing, production process research, process performance verification, prototype trial production and other links, In 2015, a full line wide wall fabric production line and a split wide wall fabric production line were launched in Jiangsu and Zhejiang respectively. Before launching the formal products, Huayang company successively designed and manufactured the prototype to verify the design in Xi'an headquarters, and carried out a large number of design verification. It was not until there was sufficient data and experience that Huayang company officially launched the PVC wide wall cloth production line. This wall cloth production line has the functions of PVC substrate printing, gauze gluing, laminating, hot melt embossing, cooling and shaping, washing, trimming, winding and so on. This production line adopts the imported double closed-loop full servo drive technology, and uses the thermal effect and hot air composite foaming oven to heat the inside and outside of the substrate at the same time, with uniform temperature and no color difference. At the same time, high pressure, large wrap angle, deep embossing and rapid cooling shaping technology are adopted. In the gluing part, the new technology of anilox roll kissing gluing is used. At the same time, a needle plate chain extended drying and shaping drying oven is used, so that the glue is evenly applied and the cloth base is flat. This production line has advanced technology, reliable performance, stable operation, fast production speed, high yield, exquisite printing, saturated color, flat fitting, neat warp and weft after gauze fitting, clear hot melt pressing pattern road and good shaping effect. The quality and perception of the samples produced have been carefully compared and tested by industry experts, and have exceeded the general standards recognized in the domestic industry market at present

during the development of the wide wall fabric production line, Huayang company not only mastered the design and manufacturing technology of the equipment, but also mastered the complete set of technology for the production of wide wall fabric through the research of production technology. Thus, Huayang company can not only provide users with equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning. Moreover, it can also provide users with production process and technology consulting, supporting material procurement consulting, production and technical personnel training, wallcovering market analysis and other services. The construction of overall service capacity has laid a solid foundation for the promotion and application of such production lines in the industry

the successful development of ytbb-51450 wall cloth printing, fitting and embossing production line of Xi'an Aerospace Huayang company is the embodiment of the comprehensive strength of the three research institutes and four basic research laboratories of the R & D center of Huayang company, and it is also the centralized display of the four core technologies of Huayang company, including winding technology, tension control technology, coating technology and drying technology. During the development of this production line, the successful application of foreign advanced technology in the development of domestic equipment has been truly achieved, which has greatly improved the level of domestic wide wallpaper production equipment, and further determined the leading position of Huayang company in the wallpaper and wallpaper production equipment industry

in 2016, Huayang company will ensure that the market share of the company's wallpaper and wallpaper equipment in the industry will rise steadily on the basis of providing good services to old customers and supporting the development of old customers. The company will give full play to the technological advantages, talent advantages, resource advantages and scale advantages of aerospace enterprises, and develop a new generation of wallpaper production line that is more suitable for the needs of users in the wallpaper industry, with stable performance, high production rate, low unit energy consumption, intelligent environmental protection and reduced employment




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