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Developing calcium chemical industry and taking the route of replacing petroleum based plastic raw materials

carbonate ore is the oldest and most common rock on the earth, with rich reserves. The industry that relies on carbonate rock to produce calcium products such as cement, heavy calcium, light calcium and lime has a huge market in China, but the calcium product industry is generally small in scale and backward in technology and equipment, which is a resource-based industry. How to change this situation and change the concept is the most important. We must change from resource dependent to resource extension, and extend the production of calcium products to the calcium chemical industry chain. For example, calcium carbide is made from limestone, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is produced by calcium carbide method. On the one hand, it has greatly extended the industrial chain of calcium products, from calcium products to calcium chemical industry. On the other hand, it has solved the problem of over reliance on petroleum based raw materials and taken a development path of alternative raw materials for the rapid development of chemical plastics industry. The concept of calcium chemical industry was first put forward by the author and has been presented as an academic report in Wuhan China University of Geosciences and discussed with teachers and students. This paper gives a comprehensive description of the calcium chemical industry chain from limestone to calcium products, and then to calcium chemical industry


limestone is a kind of carbonate rock with calcite as the main component. The chemical molecular formula of carbonate is CaCO3, and the theoretical chemical composition is: Cao accounts for 56.04%. CO2 accounts for 43.96%. China is rich in limestone mineral resources. There are nearly 1000 limestone deposits as cement, dissolving agent for aluminum cable and chemical industry, with reserves of more than 50 billion tons

the types of limestone include micritic limestone, crystalline limestone, laminated limestone, phyllitic limestone, dolomitic limestone, etc. among them, crystalline limestone is the best and the main raw material of calcium carbonate. Calcium products include calcium oxide (lime), calcium hydroxide (hydrated lime), calcium carbonate, metallic calcium, calcium carbide (calcium carbide), etc

calcium chemical

at present, various resource dependent industries in China have developed from resource dependent to resource extension industries, which is also advocated in China's 12th Five Year Plan. For example, enterprises with petroleum resources are not satisfied with oil extraction and refining, but also carry out deep petroleum processing, such as petroleum refining, refining petroleum based plastic raw materials, petroleum processing olefins, etc. This is called petrochemical industry, and similar to coal chemical industry, salt chemical industry, etc

similarly, as a large country with abundant limestone reserves, China not only has calcium products such as cement, calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, metallic calcium and calcium carbide, but also should continue to develop new products to produce methanol from CO2 and PVC from calcium carbide in the face of the continuous upgrading and development of the industrial chain of calcium products. Similarly, we cannot be satisfied with the statement of calcium product processing, and formally put forward the concept of calcium chemical industry, build calcium chemical industry park, and accelerate the development of calcium chemical industry chain

substitute for petroleum based resin raw materials

in recent years, the price of petroleum based plastic raw materials has been rising, which has seriously restricted the benefits of plastic processing industry and forced chemical manufacturers to seek diversification of raw material sources. The alternative routes promoted involve coal-based raw materials, renewable bio based raw materials, rapidly developing calcium based raw materials and CO2 utilization. Although these technologies still face challenges, they have a strong development momentum

in general, in addition to renewable bio based raw materials, the coal to see if the conditioning baffle of the downwind circulation is the most influential and successful method for the construction of the industrial chain, i.e. whether the coal to olefin (mtwdw ⑴ 0/20/30 microcomputer controlled floor mounted electronic universal experimental machine o) method of normal chemical industry, the CO2 to methanol olefin method of calcium chemical industry and the calcium carbide method of PVC production are the most successful methods. Olefins and PVC account for half of the plastic raw material resins. In order to ensure the rapid development of the plastic processing industry, the sales volume of Dongguan market will reach 30million yuan without rising oil prices. It is imperative to develop the alternative route of petroleum based raw materials

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