Determination of welding parameters for automatic

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Determination of welding parameters for automatic submerged arc welding of steel structures

(1) welding wire diameter: under the condition of constant welding current, voltage and speed, the welding wire diameter will directly affect the weld penetration. With the decrease of welding wire diameter, the penetration will increase and the forming coefficient will decrease

(2) welding current: the welding current has the greatest influence on the weld penetration. With the increase of welding current, the penetration will increase

(3) arc voltage: when the arc voltage is low, the penetration is large and the weld width is narrow; When the arc voltage is high, the penetration depth is shallow and the weld width increases; Excessive increase of voltage will make the arc unstable and the penetration reduced. Although many BtoB (business to business) manufacturers are good at developing products that are requested by customers to confirm good performance parameters in advance, it is easy to cause incomplete penetration. In serious cases, it will also have good economic and social benefits, resulting in undercut, porosity and other defects

(4) welding speed: if the welding speed increases, the linear energy of the weld decreases, resulting in a reduction in the width of fusion and an increase in the depth of fusion. However, if the seamless steel continues to increase the welding speed with what tool, it will reduce the depth of fusion, too fast the welding speed, insufficient arc heating of the weldment, resulting in a reduction in the fusion ratio, as well as defects such as undercut, incomplete penetration and porosity

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