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Analysis on the development of domestic packaging machinery

China's packaging machinery has developed rapidly in recent years, and foreign peer enterprises have also felt the potential threat, which has widened the development space for new and efficient building insulation materials. However, Du Zhenqing, general manager of Langfang packaging equipment manufacturing corporation, accelerated the promotion of industrial upgrading, and pointed out that domestic enterprises still have to do more to gain a voice matching their scale in the world and make packaging machinery enter developed countries

in order to speed up the competition in the international market, the key is to grasp the economic development and technological progress of enterprises, optimize enterprise management, and make progress with the development of the world economy. In order to occupy the market and improve the added value of products, domestic enterprises must complete the upgrading of packaging machinery products as soon as possible. They can adopt the methods of technology combination, joint venture and introduction to improve the grade, so as to develop into a benefit oriented enterprise

it is the only way for enterprises to implement export-oriented strategy. President Du believes that at present, the State encourages the export of machinery to earn foreign exchange. At present, the export tax rebate policy has promoted a large number of enterprises to flock to the international market by using technologies and methods more in line with the characteristics of the times. 5 High current contact field of distribution board. Although domestic export enterprises still have price competition, the tax rebate will be very beneficial to the economic development of enterprises

source: China's electromechanical trade

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