Developing high value-added silica gel

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Vigorously develop high value-added silica gel

silica gel has a broad application market, in which high-tech value-added special silica gel products are expensive. At present, the domestic output of silica gel accounts for 31.75% of the world's total output. The annual output of silica gel is about 71200 tons, accounting for about 54% of the world's products. Most of the specifications are medium and low-grade dry/adsorption dosage form silica gel. Experts pointed out that China should vigorously develop high value-added silica gel

the general trend of silica gel supply and demand in the world in recent years is that the supply of ordinary adsorbent/desiccant silica gel products exceeds the demand. Special silica gel products, such as silica gel for catalyst carrier, paint/coating, paper and plastic matting agent, thixotropic agent, rheological agent silica gel and silica gel for liquid chromatography, are in great demand, but their production is controlled by several companies in the United States, Japan and Western Europe

at present, there are about 20 silica gel production plants in China, most of which have little production capacity from the government level. Most of the varieties and specifications are medium and low-grade dry/adsorption dosage forms of silica gel. In 2000, the production reached 55000 tons, of which more than half were exported. China's silica gel production capacity is mainly concentrated in Qingdao, accounting for more than 90%. It is estimated that the total production capacity of silica gel in China will reach 80000 tons/year by 2005

silica gel production is highly specialized and refined, especially those special silica gel products with high-tech added value. Most of the special equipment and control systems required for production are controlled by foreign companies, which monopolize the international market of high value-added silica gel

experts suggest that when developing and producing varieties of silica gel, we should choose products that can bear the high price of silica gel, such as special silica gel for cosmetics, advanced paints, coatings, plastic films and other industries, with the best software and hardware conditions in the world. For example, the high-grade matting/matt paint in the paint and coating industry has a huge profit, and can withstand the silicone matting agent with a price of more than 20000 yuan/ton

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