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Another new path is to develop new locks to create the most secure locks. The most fundamental purpose of locks is to guard against theft. However, unlocking theft is no longer a new thing, and there are a variety of unlocking methods. No matter what kind of lock you develop, thieves have a way to open it. It has the potential of "one foot higher than the devil, and one battle higher than the devil". It is impossible to prevent. The reason why thieves can use various methods to unlock the lock is that the locks on the market have holes, which opens a convenient door for thieves. Now, the keyless intelligent anti theft door lock developed by Xi'an LANGTONG Technology Development Co., Ltd. has made thieves face lock and "despair"

in recent years, there have been many reports in major cities in China that the "master key" can easily open anti-theft doors. There are many stations that openly sell "unlocking weapons". There are countless stations that provide locksmith training, sell unlocking handouts, training materials and demonstration CDs. According to statistics, technical unlocking has become the main means of urban burglars' burglary

wangjinghu, general manager of Xi'an LANGTONG Technology Development Co., Ltd., developed the lock with resentment against thieves, because his family was stolen twice in a short time. With resentment against thieves, wangjinghu began to develop locks that could not be opened by thieves in 2003. After long-term research, wangjinghu found that no matter what kind of lock, as long as there is a keyhole, thieves have a way to unlock it. Then, if there is no lock hole, the thief can't start

for this reason, wangjinghu and the company's staff, after more than four years of painstaking research and development, pioneered the keyless intelligent anti theft lock, which was highly praised by experts at home and abroad, making Langtong the first to enter the era of pure electronic lock without key hole. The developed keyless burglar proof lock, as the name suggests, is equipped with a password receiver inside the lock without a keyhole or key. The key to unlock is the "password", while the opening and closing locks only use the same high-tech password to send the remote controller. In appearance, this anti theft lock has no lock holes, keys, lenses and other vulnerable parts outside, so thieves have no way to start; The code changing technology is adopted. The passwords sent each time are random and not repeated. The mutual opening rate is zero, completely preventing the technology from being opened; The key can be divided into primary and secondary keys, and only the primary key can manage and modify the user password; At the same time, it is convenient to control multiple doors with one key, or configure multiple keys for one door

Langtong keyless anti theft lock has completely independent intellectual property rights. It has obtained ten national patents and registered four trademarks. It has become a high-tech company integrating R & D, production and sales, focusing on the development of keyless anti-theft locks, anti-theft doors, safes and automobile anti-theft systems

the keyless burglar proof lock of Langtong company is the first lock in the world that really does not have a key hole. It turns anti-theft into burglar proof and completely keeps thieves out of the door. It has reached the world's top level in terms of anti-theft and ease of use. Its unique "five fears" (not afraid of violent disassembly, not afraid of technical opening, not afraid of circuit damage, not afraid of losing keys, not afraid of no electricity) truly achieve "outsiders can't open it, the owner can't stop it" and "people of all ages can use it". Burglar proof lock has a broad application prospect in the fields of anti-theft door, safe, automobile lock and so on

many people pay too much attention to the appearance and steel plate of the door when choosing the anti-theft door, but ignore the heart of the anti-theft door - the lock. However, some unscrupulous businesses are taking advantage of consumers' lack of knowledge of anti-theft doors to deceive consumers arbitrarily, boasting that locks without anti-theft functions are "advanced locks" for anti drilling and anti prying, and even resetting various parameters; As far as I'm concerned, I have too many anti-theft door locks. No one can open them. In fact, these businesses are confusing the concepts of lock point and lock cylinder. Lock point is the point where the door body and the wall are connected. The lock point can only prevent prying, and the lock cylinder is the core of the anti-theft lock. All anti-theft locks have only one lock cylinder. No matter how strong the door is and how many lock points it has, it is all controlled by the lock cylinder. As long as the lock cylinder is opened, all the lock points are opened, and the thick steel plate becomes a decoration. The highest level of door lock is "Safety + ease of use". Safety refers to the high anti-theft property of the door lock, which makes it impossible for outsiders to unlock whether using technical methods or mechanical violence; Easy to use refers to the good convenience of the door lock. The owner can open it by himself under normal and accidental conditions (loss of key, damage, etc.). The problem now is that some domestic enterprises still lock for survival. The keyless burglar proof lock of Langtong company can not be unlocked and will give an alarm due to the lack of lock holes and keys. Therefore, it is not afraid of violent disassembly; The door lock can even have a password, and the password cannot be cracked and copied. The mutual opening rate is zero to prevent technical unlocking, so we are not afraid of technical unlocking; The door lock adopts dual circuit cold backup technology, so the owner can still unlock the door after the circuit is damaged, so he is not afraid of circuit damage; If the key is lost, the key can only be matched by the password set by yourself. Others cannot match it secretly, but you can match the key yourself without leaving any trace, so you are not afraid to lose the key; When the battery in the lock is completely dead, the owner can still unlock the lock by relying on the power supply of the remote control, so he is not afraid of losing power

in addition, in addition to the above basic functions, B. the screw rod drive chain is lubricated with grease, the enhanced product of keyless anti theft lock also has the following intelligent alarm functions: such as anti lock alarm, lock prying alarm, door prying alarm and hijacking alarm. All this makes the lock completely useless to thieves

Langtong company has publicly promised in the media that if someone can open the keyless anti theft lock developed by it, 10million yuan will be awarded. Unfortunately, no one can open it under abnormal circumstances. This fully shows that the keyless burglar proof lock is the safest lock today

being a national brand enterprise

wangjinghu said that if China's technology lags behind foreign products in other emerging technologies, the Chinese people have nothing to say, but when it comes to the lock industry, China is the ancestor of the global lock industry. Langtong company has perfectly combined China's traditional lock manufacturing advantage technology with the current electronic technology, and the keyless anti theft lock has once again made China's lock industry stand at the forefront of the world. After the product was developed, the company has more than 200 users in Xi'an. All of them automatically press the test piece into a drum shape to stop loading and go to the door for purchase and installation, and none of them has any problems. In addition, in September this year, when Langtong company participated in the Expo in Zhejiang, it exhibited the company's latest products, which caused a great sensation. It received more than 1500 visitors in one day, which greatly enhanced the company's confidence in development

at present, Langtong has signed technical confidentiality agreements with four large door manufacturers, such as Panpan and Jintai door industry. The products of these door manufacturers will be installed with the products of Langtong. Langtong will continue to make great efforts to research and develop new technologies, constantly enrich the company's product structure, and make the company truly become a Chinese national lock brand enterprise

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