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Achievements in the development of printing presses during the Tenth Five Year Plan period (Part 2)

⑥ there are more than ten enterprises producing flexographic printing presses, and the main varieties and specifications are constantly expanding, including narrow width unit type flexographic printing presses manufactured by Shanghai Ziguang Machinery Co., Ltd., beiren Fuji Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Heiniu Machinery Co., Ltd., and laminated flexographic printing presses produced by enterprises such as Wenzhou Donghai, The sheet fed flexographic printing machine produced by Hefeng in Xianyang, Shaanxi, and the flexographic self-adhesive printing machine (satellite type) produced by Shanghai Sun have also expanded from 420mm to 460mm, 480mm and other larger specifications. The mass production of flexographic printing machine, on the one hand, blocks the influx of foreign equipment, on the other hand, provides an efficient and environmentally friendly process method for the packaging and printing industry, and gradually replaces the original process of web gravure printing machine printing, slitting machine and die-cutting machine forming in the field of mass production of packaging cartons

⑦ in order to meet the needs of large-scale gold, silver and field printing of cigarette, wine and other packaging cartons, sheet fed gravure printing machines developed rapidly during the Tenth Five Year Plan period. Beijing zhenhenri Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. has mass produced monochrome, two-color and four-color sheet fed gravure printing machines. Shanghai Ziming Machinery Co., Ltd. can also produce monochrome and two-color sheet fed gravure printing machines. A number of sheet fed gravure printing machines developed by enterprises have formed a scale and professionally designed various test fixtures for flexible packaging materials, which have replaced imports

⑧ since the end of the 20th century, the digital wave has swept the printing equipment manufacturing industry. After nearly a decade of development, digital printing machines, digital plate making machines, digital proofing machines and other equipment have rapidly developed into new markets, showing a rapid growth trend. China's printing machinery manufacturing enterprises have also made some progress during the Tenth Five Year Plan period. Beiren Group Co., Ltd. and saiangel Co., Ltd. have cooperated to launch large format inkjet printing machines. Yingkou Guanhua offset printing machine Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Kelei, Beijing Duoyuan electric group and other enterprises have begun to mass produce digital plate making equipment. The digital direct plate making equipment produced by Yingkou Guanhua has increased consumer blackmail The special rectification of consumer pain points and blocking points such as infringing personal information and running away with prepaid cards has realized batch export

⑨ in addition to the above products, the new products developed during the Tenth Five Year Plan period should also include equipment such as book cover folding machine, mouth cutting machine, CNC scimitar machine, double receiving and double releasing web gravure printing machine, holographic anti-counterfeiting die-cutting hot stamping machine, 'semi-automatic and automatic book case making machine, stacking and binding machine, carton dividing machine, heat transfer machine, full-automatic plate printing machine, etc

2. progress of supporting products

with the development of printing machinery and equipment during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, a number of supporting auxiliary equipment have achieved professional production and a number of supporting enterprises have sprung up

① the automatic registration device for web gravure printing press has always been imported. At present, it has been produced by Shaanxi Weinan Kesai Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shanghai and provided to many gravure printing equipment manufacturers

② the manufacturing enterprise of sheet fed paper feeder represented by Zhejiang TONGYE Machinery Co., Ltd. has formed various types of sheet fed paper feeder supporting sheet fed lithographic printing machine, sheet fed gravure printing machine, silk screen printing brush machine and die-cutting machine. Among them, there are many paper feeders with Sichuan flow paper feeder structure, and the speed has reached 15000 sheets/hour

③ the speed of the zero speed automatic paper receiving machine produced by Shanghai Zhenli mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. has reached 320-420m/min

④ ink color remote control device, tension control system, deviation adjustment device, water moistening plate system, PLC, frequency converter, servo motor, embossing roller, engraving roller, etc. for printing machinery and equipment have been produced by special enterprises

⑤ with the rapid development of silk printing equipment during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, not only the number of production enterprises is increasing, but also the production of monochrome, two-color and multi-color, semi blind and fully automatic silk printing brush machines has been able to be produced. There has also been great development in supporting equipment and equipment. Some professional factories have begun to produce supporting products such as stretching machine and frame

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