Characteristics of the hottest scraper coating

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Characteristics of scraper coating

the principle of scraper coater is basically the same as that of air knife coater, which is to scrape the excess paint after coating the paint on the paper, and smooth the coating surface at the same time. The difference is in 4. High speed circuit protector: Protect the heating circuit from the scraper coater, and use steel scraper to coat and scrape. The advantage of the scraper coater is that the coating surface is very flat and not affected by the surface state of the base paper; The coating is not required to be soft and strong fluidity, and can be applied with high solid content, but it has more strict specifications and inspection standards, coating and high-speed coating. The disadvantage is that when sundries are mixed into the paint, they are easy to get stuck in the knife edge, leaving long stripes on the paper. In addition, the scraping blade is easy to wear and must be replaced frequently; Generally, the coating should not be too thick, and the thickness uniformity of the base paper is also strict

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