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Characteristics of plastic anti-skid film packaging bag

this product has the characteristics of simple process, low production cost, good anti-skid effect and durability. It can be widely used in the packaging of polypropylene, polyethylene and other resin raw materials in petrochemical production enterprises, replacing the plastic composite woven packaging bag and kraft paper composite plastic woven packaging bag used in the packaging of polypropylene, polyethylene and other resin raw materials in petrochemical production enterprises at present, It is especially suitable for fast packaging (FFS) on ethylene production lines, and can also be popularized and used in related industrial packaging fields, such as packaging washing powder, chemical fertilizer, flour, salt, rice, etc. In order to further promote this product, our factory has successfully applied this product to the outer packaging of solid caustic soda and asphalt, which has achieved very good application results and reduced the packaging cost of these enterprises. As plastic antiskid film packaging bag is a new patented product, which is still the first case in China, the relevant data of this product are introduced as follows:

I. raw materials

are: high pressure polyethylene (LDPE), linear high pressure polyethylene (lldp2, control system, operation software and data processing system E), vinyl acetate (EVA), etc

II. Production process

is made by CO extrusion and one-time blowing of special formula and polyethylene raw materials. The process is simple, and it is a low-energy packaging product. The production process of plastic composite woven packaging bags and kraft paper composite plastic woven packaging bags is extremely complex. They need to go through wire drawing, circular weaving, compounding, papermaking, compounding, bag making and other processes respectively. They are high energy consumption packaging products

III. basic performance:

1 Tasteless, non-toxic, good softness

2. Good moisture resistance and low permeable steam

3. Low temperature resistant, very soft even below zero

4. It is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and will not decompose at a high temperature of 300 ℃

5. With excellent thermal adhesion, it can be applied to the assembly line of automatic filling and sealing packaging machine, saving manpower and packaging cost

6. As the outer layer of the packaging bag is coated with a non slip layer (irregular bark shape), the rigidity, impact toughness and tensile strength of the packaging bag are enhanced

IV. special performance:

1 Antiskid refers to the elevation. Under the same environment and load conditions as plastic composite woven packaging bags, the comparative friction test is carried out with reference to iso15119:2000 (E) international standards. The average sliding angles are: the packaging materials using plastic anti-skid film packaging bags are 37 ° 40 '; The package of plastic composite woven packaging bag is 28 °

2. The friction coefficient index is high. Without any items, the friction coefficient is tested face-to-face according to gb/t national standards, and the indicators are 0.51 and 0.46, which are much higher than that of plastic composite woven packaging bags

3. Good tensile load index. Its index is n/50mm177 vertically and n/50mm176 horizontally

4. Pile 1. The new experimental record code has good test indicators. Due to the limitation of objective conditions, refer to gb/t4857 According to the national standard, a total of 25 kg of sawdust, sand and other mixtures similar to polyethylene resin are loaded. The stacking method is a single bag with 10 layers, the height is 1.1 meters, and the time is 24 hours. The test results show that there is no collapse

source: China flexible packaging industry

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