Characteristics of the hottest sulfur dioxide salt

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Characteristics of sulfur dioxide salt spray test chamber

1. The material used to manufacture this equipment is corrosion-resistant imported PVC plastic plate, which does not react with sulfur dioxide, absorb sulfur dioxide and affect the test results. In the design work, the internal and external pressure is balanced, and the mixed gas flows at a uniform speed in the box. Moreover, the design takes into account that there will be condensate on the top, inner wall and other parts of the equipment. Therefore, during the test of the equipment, the condensate will not drip on the sample and affect the test results

2. Introduce a certain amount of sulfur dioxide gas into the box with the specified volume to make the concentration reach the standard. In recent years, China's scientific and technological achievements continue to carry out corrosion tests on materials or products under the condition of constant relative humidity

3. The structural design of the test box is advanced and reasonable, and the supporting products and functional components have the domestic advanced level, which can meet the needs of long-term, stable, safe and reliable operation

4. The equipment uses sulfur dioxide gas to accelerate the corrosion of materials or products under a certain temperature and humidity environment, so as to reproduce the damage degree of materials or products within a certain time range. The equipment can be used to assess the resistance of materials and their protective layers to sulfur dioxide or salt spray corrosion, as well as the process quality comparison of similar protective layers. It can also be used to assess the resistance of some products to dioxygen. Some companies also smell the ability of commercial electro-hydraulic testing machines to control the experimental rate of sulfur or salt spray corrosion

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