Characteristics of the hottest Russian Gus crystal

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Features of Russian Gus crystal glass

Russia "Gus crystal factory" is a large-scale manufacturer of international famous brand "Gus" high lead crystalline glassware, with more than 6000 employees, including many Russian meritorious artists, who are internationally renowned artists. The factory was founded in 1756 and is located near Moscow. The lead oxide content of its products is the international standard 24% PbO

in the history of 247 years, the crystal handicrafts designed and produced by Russian meritorious masters, such as crystal clear, luxurious, elegant, colorful, exquisite classic fashion, diamond fine carving, painting gold, chromatic inlay and other series of crystal handicrafts, have always been the daily necessities, high-end gifts of the Russian Tsar's court and the Kremlin, the governments, parliaments, business circles, cultural and art circles and other upper classes of the world Decorations and prizes of various cultural and sports competitions have won international professional competition awards for many times. The unique artistic charm of its fine products has been collected in museums and exhibition halls around the world

gus products are divided into red, Zhejiang Province plans to cultivate more than 8 leading enterprises in the new material industry with international competitiveness and brand influence, yellow, blue, green, purple, white, etc., and the categories include more than 2000 kinds of vases, wine sets, sugar plates, fruit plates, flower blue, dessert plates, decorations, jewelry, ashtrays, candlesticks, water utensils and household utensils. See the address for details. The products are exported to France, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Spain, Finland, Japan, the United States, Canada and other countries

gus products are all handmade, and the products are international standards: 24% PbO lead oxide. The engraving is mainly in classic European style, and the new products have modern fashion colors and fashionable shapes. It is characterized by colored vase and fruit plate, and candle holder is its unique and practical product. In the gus product series, some color crystal products have gold painted flower cases. White crystal products are popular with the public because of their hand carving and low price. Pure color fruit plates and bowls with low price are their unique product series. They are highly practical and suitable for general household use. Gus crystal glass products cover a series of products suitable for different gift needs at high, medium and low prices and practical at home, providing customers with a larger and more selection space

gus crystal carving features at present:

1. Color chromatic goods are unique. The designs and colors of products with different product numbers have no repeatability. The shapes of products with different colors under the same product number may be the same, but the carving patterns are completely different. All products have only one model. Therefore, from this point of view, its products not only have usability and appreciation, but also have collection value and value-added potential

2. The shape has distinctive Russian national characteristics, reflecting its rugged, atmospheric and thick national style. There are not only wine sets and soup sets of typical dome buildings that reflect their religious architectural style, but also color paintings of natural landscapes that reflect folk customs; There are not only decorations from life archetypes (412056, 412057, 412072 - religious themes), but also luxurious decorations that reflect their superb carving skills and are unique in the world (412564, 41253, 412474, 412413, etc.)

3. Carving and modeling reflect people's love and praise for the natural world. Gus crystal factory has a long history of nearly 250 years. Its exquisite carving skills, profound cultural heritage, simple work style, kind and beautiful heart are fully reflected in the creation of everyone's works. In particular, animal and plant shapes are often seen in color products, such as butterfly, bee, rabbit offline logistics organization and distribution, owl, Facebook, daffodil, dandelion, phoenix tail, pineapple, sunflower, gladiolus, etc. through these shapes, people express their love for animals, their longing for nature, and their pursuit of a better life

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