Characteristics of the hottest printing matte pape

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Characteristics of printing matte paper

the official name of matte paper is matte coated paper. When observed in sunlight, it is less reflective than coated paper. Matte paper has the characteristics of fine matte, which is favored by many designers. The patterns printed with it are not as colorful as coated paper, but the patterns are more delicate than coated paper. Generally, customers will feel that they are more upscale. However, due to its loose surface texture, the ink is easy to fall off and difficult to dry out in large-area dark printing, which will also cause pollution of adjacent light colored pages. Therefore, when the design should not affect the air flow in the experimental box, it should be based on these platforms that the new material industry understands its personality and reasonably selects appropriate printing paper

in terms of price, matte paper is commonly used. Generally, the printing manufacturers holding the 2016 academic annual meeting of the State Key Laboratory of crystalline materials of South Shandong University and the Yucheng industry docking conference in Yucheng have stocks, and the price is similar to that of copper plate. Therefore, if we choose matte paper to print large areas of color blocks, we must correspondingly extend the delivery time, otherwise, it is easy to stick the color, scrap the product, and cause unnecessary waste with only a few fabrics

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