Thermo Fisher technology launches a new total sulf

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Thermo Fisher Technology launched a new total sulfur analyzer

it is reported that Thermo Fisher Technology (formerly thermoelectric company), the world's leading technology, announced the launch of a new total sulfur (TS) analyzer - Thermo Scientific TS 4000. This unique TTS technology was developed by Thermo Fisher researchers in response to a series of new laws, such as the ASTM d5453 standard implemented by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the establishment of the upstream and downstream cooperation mechanism for civil aircraft aluminum led by the Ministry of industry and information technology. These regulations have made strict provisions on the sulfur content of automotive fuels. Ultra low sulfur diesel has been widely promoted in Europe and Asia, and is expected to become a viable option for mainstream fuels by 2010

 the sulfur content of traditional automotive fuels is determined by combustion and ultraviolet fluorescence (uv-f). However, even the optimized detector may recognize nitrogen as nitrogen oxide with the same wavelength as SO2, which makes the analysis results inaccurate. Low cetane number ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel often uses diethylhexyl nitrate (2-ehn) to improve cetane number. When using UV fluorescence detection technology to determine the sulfur content in fuel oil, 2-ehn will bring higher determination results than the real sulfur content, which will bring unnecessary expenses to the formulation of purification scheme. This new TTS Technology defines the content of nitric oxide (no) added to the combustion furnace, inhibits the formation of SO3 that cannot be detected by UV fluorescence, and ensures the high combustion conversion of SO2 that can be detected by UV fluorescence. With unique TTS technology and the Thermo Scientific TS 4000 analyzer equipped with UV fluorescence detection system, the extremely low content of sulfur in liquid, solid and gas samples can be easily determined

 TS 4000 is upgraded on the basis of conventional total sulfur and corresponding treatment solution analyzer TS 3000. It adopts Thermo Scientific true total sulfur (TTS) technology (patent pending), eliminating nitrogen interference in total sulfur analysis, thus providing a true total sulfur content. This new TTS technology can determine trace sulfur in cetane number improvers, providing high accuracy and precision for the determination of the real total sulfur content in automotive fuels. TS 4000 has various functions, durability and high sensitivity. These unique characteristics of wire drawing fixture make it an ideal analyzer for samples with high nitrogen content in refineries and petrochemical plants. All TS 4000 are equipped with Thermo Scientific nexyz liquid autosampler as standard configuration. Nexyz autosampler is the first universal autosampler that can be used not only for direct or indirect injection of small volume hydrocarbons, but also for solid injection, providing fast and convenient automatic injection

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