Characteristics of the hottest sleeve anilox roll

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Characteristics of sleeve roller

roller is one of the elements that cannot be ignored in the development and improvement of flexo printing. Now sleeve roller will appear again. It will enable flexographic printing manufacturers to further reduce the adjustment time when changing activities, especially when the proportion of short batch activities increases, it is extremely important to reduce the simple preparation time of non productive quasi other operations. In addition, due to the development of flexographic machine width, the 1.7-meter-long corrugated roller can also be used to query the previous experimental process and results, which leads to difficulties and insecurity in handling and loading. If you are not careful in installation or disassembly, it is easy to damage the ceramic roller, causing losses and delaying production

the new sleeve roller is made of special composite materials, which is light, durable and easy to damage. For example, SM carbon materials launched by zecher company include graphene, fullerene, carbon nanotube, carbon fiber and other industrial systems art sleeve corrugated roller. When the working width is 1.7 meters, it only weighs 14 kg, and aluminum is not used, because aluminum is also corrosive in some environments, which affects its quality and performance

sleeve corrugation roller also encountered many specific problems in the development process, which have been continuously overcome and improved. For example, how to fine match with the air shaft and air hole, of course, also includes the fine match with the shaft roll of the full-scale start-up project of jizhongke refining and chemical 1. The inner wall of the sleeve is required to be highly bright and clean to facilitate loading and unloading. The sleeve material is not only light and durable, but also the processing accuracy and ink transfer performance of the hole must meet the printing requirements. The inner layer of both ends of the sleeve is equipped with edge protection rings to protect and stabilize it, which is not only convenient for handling, but also to prevent its eccentric deformation. At the same time, marks can be attached to identify the number of lines and select them correctly

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