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Characteristics of packaging paper whiteboard

characteristics of packaging paper whiteboard - because the fiber structure of whiteboard is relatively uniform, the surface layer has the components of filler and rubber, and the surface is coated with a certain amount of paint, and after multi roller calendering treatment, the texture of the paperboard is relatively tight, the thickness is also relatively uniform, and its paper surface is generally white and smooth, with relatively uniform ink absorption, and the surface is less powdered and hairy, Paper is strong and tough with good folding resistance, but its water content is high and there is a certain degree of flexibility, which will have a certain impact on printing

whiteboard is made of surface paste and each layer of bottom paste. Therefore, the pulp is generally divided into surface pulp (surface layer), two layers, three layers and four layers. The fiber ratio of each layer of pulp is different, and the fiber ratio of each layer of pulp is different according to the quality of papermaking

whiteboard is a kind of high statistical grade packaging paper, which prints various trademarks and packaging cartons, such as children's toys, drugs, food, cigarette boxes, toothpaste, gift boxes and other packaging. Whiteboard can be divided into super grade and general grade, and can be divided into single-sided and double-sided. The weight is 250g/m2,

whiteboard has the properties of white and smooth paper surface, consistent thickness, compact texture, no powder and hair removal, uniform ink absorption, small flexibility, toughness, and not easy to break when folded

1. Whiteboard has high moisture content. Generally, it is about 10%. Due to the thick paper, the limitation of hanging equipment and time, most printing manufacturers print without hanging. However, it is often used to pre print a layer of clean water to reduce galling and stretching

2. In general, whiteboard uses a large amount of ink to print field products in the printing process. In order to reduce galling, the viscosity of the ink and the thickness of the ink layer should be strictly controlled during printing to prevent the back from getting dirty. Usually, the field ink color of printing products is used for dilution treatment. First print the background color, and then print the original ink again, which not only reduces the galling and dirt phenomenon, but also after two times of printing overprint. At the same time, it also increases the gloss of prints

3. When one-sided white board is wet, it is easy to curl the paper, seven changes and eight warps, which affects the offset paper feeding. However, it is better to lean on the working platform with a square horizontal instrument on both sides. At the same time, because the paper is thick, it is easy to have double sheets, multiple sheets, and it is easy to crush the rubber when feeding paper, so you should be extra careful when feeding paper

4. The difference between whiteboard and coated paper, offset paper and relief paper is that the weight of the paper is heavy and the paper is thick

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