Characteristics of the hottest parallel disc gate

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Characteristics of parallel disc gate valve

(1) yoke sleeve 1. Reducer is a power transmission mechanism - aluminum bronze yoke sleeve is equipped with needle thrust bearing to minimize operating torque

(2) valve rod - thread length up to bracket; Pins and spot welds; It has stability. (3) Pressure seal – simple structure, equipped with segmented retaining ring and silver plated mild steel gasket, which helps to disassemble and achieve the best bonnet seal. (4) Seat ring – welded seat ring is perpendicular to the flow passage and easy to maintain. (5) Actuator - these valves can be equipped with electric. I hope the meeting will be better and better! Hydraulically or pneumatically, this will undoubtedly enhance the use of 3D printing prototypes and components in the aerospace field. Standard manual handwheel is equipped below DN300, and helical gear operating mechanism is equipped above DN350. (6) Yoke – the fully assembled yoke has passed the seismic test and is easy to maintain and install the actuator. (7) Gland - two piece, self-adjusting gland to avoid being ejected. (8) Integral rear seat - hard surface, longest service life. (9) Disc – the spring-loaded disc can adjust itself to reduce the torque demand of the actuator. (10) Integral stop - instead of peeling off the paint layer in a large area, the integral casting bracket stop device is used to position the assembled bracket disc, making the valve seat more stable and reliable

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