Hebei Jizhou accelerates the scale of FRP Industry

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Hebei Jizhou accelerates the promotion of the scale of the FRP industry

recently, Jizhou further clarified the development ideas and measures of the FRP industry, read the "four character classics" of new, high, specialized and refined, speed up the cooperation process with leading enterprises in the international industry, promote the integration with the international market, and accelerate the expansion, strength, structure and brand of the FRP industry, We will strive to build Jizhou into a "famous city of China's composite industry" renowned at home and abroad

highlight the "new" optimization of industrial structure

invite experts from industry associations to study and analyze the development status and operation of the FRP industry in the city, clarify the future development direction and ideas, adjust and optimize the industrial structure in time, and promote industrial upgrading. Adhere to the "two legs" approach, break through the single limitation of existing products, realize product diversification, focus on developing high value-added products while focusing on traditional products, constantly enrich product varieties, expand industrial scale, form an industrial chain closely connected between upstream and downstream, take a cluster and intensive development mode, and promote the continuous expansion and strengthening of FRP enterprises

highlight "high 4, landing by broach" to promote scientific and technological innovation

the city actively guides FRP enterprises to integrate with the international level in production technology, aims at the direction of molding and pultrusion process, advocates the introduction of thermoplastic FRP production technology, and comprehensively improves the enterprise level. They encouraged enterprises to cooperate with colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and key enterprises at home and abroad, give full play to the role of FRP science and technology research institutes and R & D centers of enterprises, increase R & D efforts, overcome key technologies, common technologies and bottleneck technologies of industrialization, and constantly develop new products, new processes, new technologies and high-end products to avoid low-end competition and price reduction competition. They further strengthen talent training, strengthen cooperation with well-known universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, actively hire well-known experts and professors to serve as technical consultants in FRP enterprises in our city, adhere to the cultivation, introduction and good use of talents as the basis of competition, entrepreneurship and development, improve the overall quality of employees and improve the overall level of the industry

highlight "specialization" and build industrial parks

in order to promote the healthy and rapid development of the FRP industry, the city plans to build a FRP Industrial Park. The park is based on domestic well-known FRP enterprises such as Sino Italian and knaiter, and takes more than 40 profiles of Large FRP pipes, tanks, pressure vessels and FRP imported from Germany and France and domestic ultra-fine calcium carbonate dry process, wet process production lines and modified composite production lines as its main products. It actively extends to the fields of glass fiber and commercial resin, and attracts large FRP enterprises from Japan, Chile, Canada and China to enter the park for construction. The construction of the international composite material industrial park project, which is jointly constructed by China Composite Materials Association, Japan strong FRP Industry Association, Jizhou municipal government and knaiter FRP company, has begun. Jizhou is under construction in cooperation with a number of large enterprise groups at home and abroad, such as Yutian Co., Ltd. of Japan, Anker tecmin company of Chile, Sinosteel research, National Electric Power Transmission Research Institute, etc. At the same time, the special pipeline and equipment project with a total investment of 700million yuan, jointly constructed by knaiter and the world's top 500 enterprise, Japan seeper Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., has been officially signed, and several projects are being actively promoted

After nearly 40 years of development, Jizhou FRP industry has cultivated Zhongyi and Kenai. Its in-depth utilization and research and development have not only brought good economic benefits to the society, but also formed Jizhou brand in the manufacturing of FRP pipes and storage tanks in domestic and international well-known leading enterprises. Focusing on the advantages of the development of FRP industry, Jizhou vigorously pays attention to the construction of enterprise brand, strengthens enterprise management, increases the development of new products and technologies, constantly improves the grade and quality of leading products and key products, actively applies for well-known trademarks and famous brand products, and improves the core competitiveness of enterprises. At the same time, they further strengthen policy support, give the most preferential policies to FRP enterprises in land use, financing, environment and other aspects, and give priority to key projects, construction land, bank loans and financial funds

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