There are many trademark infringement lawsuits in

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There are many trademark infringement lawsuits in the coating industry

there are many trademark infringement lawsuits in the coating industry

January 26, 2005

nippon, which has always been troubled by counterfeiting, was sued in court in the name of counterfeiting. Guangdong baocili Chemical Co., Ltd. filed a case in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Nantong on January 20, suing Nippon for trademark infringement of "Medley" and "yongdeli". Yesterday, Jiangheping, the general manager of Beijing Fuya paint Co., Ltd., who became famous for drinking paint, said in Beijing that as the holder of the paint "health" trademark, Beijing Fuya company enjoys the exclusive right of "health" trademark on paint and paint; The unauthorized use of health trademarks on paint and coating goods has violated the trademark law, and the company will sue all infringing units with registered trademarks

after inquiry and verification, as early as 1997, the "health" trademark applied by Beijing Fuya was registered in the national trademark office, and the approved scope of use was the second largest category of paints, coatings and other goods. At present, fulink international is the only company authorized by fulia to use the "health" trademark

however, at present, there are hundreds of brands promoting and selling in the domestic paint market in the name of health paint, including about 54% of which, although China can produce provincial-level famous brand products, Chinese environmental label products, and even national inspection free product brands. In the building materials market in Beijing, it is noted that latex paint and paint products with the words "health paint" printed on packaging and publicity materials can be seen everywhere

"we have invited four special investigation companies to collect infringement evidence, but it is still not enough," Jiang Heping said. "The scope of infringement is wide and involves many manufacturers. According to our statistics of industrial clusters with incomplete characteristics of high-end chemical new materials, there are more than 300, which is not the second one in the trademark infringement cases."

"how can I sue this? I can't sue it all my life", Jiang Heping said in an interview that he wants to launch a "people's war" against infringement that constitutes a complete lithium battery industry chain, launch everyone to sue, launch national dealers to sue, and claim everyone's points. I don't believe that the lawsuit won't win

intellectual property expert Wang Hao believes that counterfeiting registered trademarks belongs to the scope of criminal law norms, and its subjective aspect is intentional, that is, a trademark is the registered trademark of others, and the same trademark as the registered trademark is used on the same commodity without the permission of the owner of the registered trademark

a senior person in the paint industry believes that although the paint industry is highly competitive and constantly in business war, the awareness of intellectual property rights is very weak. Compared with other industries, it is not too much to use "trademark infringement fake world"

according to the Yangcheng Evening News on January 24, the "Nippon" paint monopoly stores in several large decorative paint markets in Tianhe District, Baiyun District and Liwan District of Guangzhou received an investigation from the law enforcement department of industrial and commercial administration. "Yongdeli" and "Medley" coatings on the shelves of "Nippon" coating monopoly stores were immediately checked and sealed up, and could not be sold

relevant market experts believe that "yongdeli" and "Medley" are just an individual phenomenon, while the infringement of "health" is much more serious. For example, Fuya has established a nationwide litigation alliance, which will be an unprecedented reshuffle in the coating industry, and enterprises suspected of falsely using health trademarks will face risks

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