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Hebei Province promotes the deep integration of industrial design and manufacturing industry

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recently, the office of the leading group for the development of industrial design in Hebei Province issued the key points of industrial design in Hebei Province in 2021, which proposed to thoroughly implement the decisions and arrangements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, adhere to the new development concept, and take the supply side structural reform as the basis. Its sources are usually divided into mineral The main line of plant fillers and industrial fillers is to expand the design market demand, promote the deep integration of industrial design and manufacturing, continuously optimize the development environment, strive to speed up the development of industrial design service industry, comprehensively improve the innovative design ability of manufacturing industry and the development level of industrial design service industry, and initially lay a solid foundation for the breakthrough development of industrial design in the province

by the end of 2021, the application ability and level of industrial design of manufacturing enterprises will be significantly improved, forming a number of typical cases of industrial design promoting the high-quality development of enterprises. 20 provincial-level industrial design centers, 50 municipal industrial design centers and 300 provincial and municipal enterprise industrial design centers (demonstration enterprises) will be newly cultivated; The service capacity of professional design enterprises and design carrier platforms has been significantly enhanced, and they are deeply involved in the whole process of manufacturing enterprise production and operation. There are 100 newly introduced and cultivated design enterprises in the province, more than 400 industrial design enterprises in the province, more than 3000 manufacturing enterprises served by provincial and Municipal Industrial design innovation centers, and the agglomeration effect of professional parks such as Shijiazhuang, Qinhuangdao, Tangshan is significant; The branding and internationalization process of "Hebei design" has been accelerated. Hebei International Industrial Design Week and golden reed industrial design award have been held at a high level, and more than 50 activities such as industrial design benchmarking exchange activities, expert trips, design lectures and so on have been organized

strengthen the promotion and application, improve the design innovation ability of manufacturing industry

strengthen the construction of enterprise industrial design center. Hebei province guides and supports manufacturing enterprises with certain work foundation, strong design awareness and great development potential to establish relatively independent industrial design centers through internal process reengineering, organizational structure optimization and other methods. Increase support for provincial and municipal industrial design centers, organize benchmarking exchange activities for provincial and municipal industrial design centers, learn from the development experience of domestic advanced enterprises and excellent design companies, and improve the design innovation ability and level of enterprises. Support the enterprise industrial design center to provide professional design services, and encourage qualified enterprises to integrate upstream and downstream resources, and separate and establish independent design institutions

promote the transformation and industrialization of industrial design achievements. Hebei province implements the promotion and support policies for enterprises to purchase industrial design services and transformation of achievements, guides enterprises to take industrial design as the link, closely link new technologies, new processes and new materials with users and market needs, constantly improve and optimize product appearance, structure and function, and accelerate product upgrading and brand value promotion. Support manufacturing enterprises and industrial design enterprises to establish long-term and stable cooperative relations, and cooperate in the design, development and operation of independent products through joint investment, technology investment and other means

create typical cases of industrial design. Hebei province continues to implement the "double hundred" plan of industrial design, supplement, adjust and optimize the "double hundred" plan enterprises and products, and create a number of benchmark enterprises and Design Star products for industrial design. Hebei organized the compilation and printing of industrial design, implanted typical cases and design star product collections, interpreted the enabling role of industrial design in product function, structure, quality, form, packaging and service, demonstrated and led the effect in product research and development, operation management, marketing, brand building, etc., and promoted the promotion and application of industrial design

expand open cooperation, accelerate the development of industrial design service industry

increase the introduction of design institutions. Hebei Province will make full use of Hebei International Industrial Design Week, golden reed Industrial Design Award and other provincial activity carriers, strengthen cooperation with design organizations such as WDO (World Design Organization), and increase the introduction of well-known design institutions and master studios. Give full play to the role of professional forces such as provincial and municipal industrial design innovation centers and colleges and universities, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with advanced areas of industrial design such as Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, and encourage cities to hold various forms of promotion, cooperation and negotiation activities according to local industrial characteristics, so as to attract industrial design institutions to settle and develop in Hebei

cultivate professional design companies. Hebei Province will support design enterprises and manufacturing enterprises to carry out in-depth design innovation cooperation in the functional, structural, layout, packaging and other professional fields in the advantageous manufacturing fields such as transportation, engineering machinery, medical devices, clothing, food, etc., so as to accumulate innovative resources and design experience and strengthen their competitive advantages. Strengthen the classification support and guidance for design enterprises, guide design enterprises to achieve professional and differentiated development according to their own areas of expertise, and cultivate a number of professional design enterprises with high professional quality, strong design ability and rich successful cases

promote the construction and development of professional parks. With Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center as the core, strengthen the cooperation with enterprises such as park operation, enterprise incubation and industrial real estate, actively plan to jointly build Shijiazhuang Industrial Design Innovation Park, promote the development of supporting services such as design education, design finance and design transaction, and preliminarily create and form a design ecosystem that serves the transformation and upgrading needs of manufacturing industry in central and Southern Hebei and its surrounding areas. Accelerate the planning of xiong'an design eco city, promote the construction of the Green Building Exhibition Center Project in xiong'an New Area as soon as possible, and speed up the transformation and implementation of design innovation achievements in xiong'an new area and surrounding areas relying on Hebei International Industrial Design Week and golden reed Industrial Design Award. Promote the second phase of Qinhuangdao Zhongrui design port to be put into operation as soon as possible, and form the development and radiation of regional design service markets in eastern, northern and northeastern Hebei

promote provincial and municipal industrial design innovation centers to form a working force. Give full play to the advantages of industrial design innovation centers in integrating design and manufacturing, improve the normalized work exchange mechanism of provincial and municipal industrial design innovation centers, establish a joint meeting system of provincial and municipal industrial design innovation centers, and form a coordinated and coordinated work promotion system. Use the exhibition space of provincial and municipal industrial design innovation centers to organize joint exhibitions of excellent industrial design products and create a platform for the publicity, display and trading of industrial design achievements. Organize provincial and municipal industrial design innovation centers to carry out research and exchange activities in China Industrial Design Institute, Guangdong Industrial Design City, Hefei Industrial Design City, etc., and learn from advanced experience outside the province

focus on characteristic industries, promote the construction of regional brands, and enhance the industrial design to enable characteristic industrial clusters. Relying on Qinghe cashmere, Baigou luggage, Gaoyang textile and other advantageous characteristic industrial clusters, carry out the pilot of industrial design enabling characteristic industrial clusters, and organize professional service institutions and relevant experts to carry out docking, diagnosis and training around industries, products, designs, brands and other contents according to the design needs of characteristic clusters. Select leading enterprises with high industrial relevance, obvious industrial advantages, strong radiation driving effect and strong innovation ability, deepen cooperation with high-end design institutions, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, etc., and carry out upgrading and transformation around product development, packaging upgrading, quality improvement, brand building, marketing, etc., so as to promote the increase of varieties, quality improvement, brand creation, expand the effective supply of medium and high-end products, and improve the market share of products

enhance the brand effect of characteristic industrial clusters. Accelerate the implantation of industrial design into characteristic industrial clusters. Hebei Province supports the high-end development of leading enterprises and major brands in the clusters, drives small and medium-sized enterprises to lay out brands in single categories and sub sectors, builds the overall brand image of the industrial clusters, and accelerates the transformation, upgrading and branding process of industrial clusters. Support the cluster to build a brand product exhibition and sales experience center, a boutique business district and a creative design town. Support Shijiazhuang and other places to build a "Hebei Design Gallery" platform to display and sell Hebei high-quality and famous products

strengthen the construction of public service platforms. Hebei Province supports universities, scientific research institutes, advantageous enterprises or other institutions with innovative capabilities to build a common technology research and development and design platform for characteristic industrial clusters. Relying on Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center, it plans to build a provincial unified design and manufacturing docking and cooperation service platform that connects both inside and outside the province. With industrial design as the leader, it introduces domestic and foreign innovative resources, integrates production, design, capital, market and other links, breaks the traditional industrial cooperation mode, and deeply participates in the division and cooperation of production and design at home and abroad

strengthen the construction of financial support system. Give full play to the role of Hebei Industrial investment guidance fund, industrial technology transformation and development fund and other existing provincial government guidance funds, explore the establishment of industrial design and development sub funds, innovate the operation and management mode of funds, encourage social capital to invest in design enterprises and design projects, take products as the main investment of funds, and provide investment and financing services covering the whole life cycle for high-level design products. Guide banks and other financial institutions to provide personalized services for design enterprises and expand the scope of mortgages and pledges

strengthen foreign exchanges and expand the influence of Hebei design brand

continue to build an exchange and cooperation platform for Hebei International Industrial Design Week. Guided by the branding and marketization of international, professional and applicable materials: various materials, parts, elastomers, rubber elastomers and shock absorbers, we will continue to build the main activities of the three design weeks of xiong'an design forum, design Innovation Exhibition and international design new product launch, strengthen cooperation with advanced areas of domestic industrial design such as Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Guangdong, and introduce mature third-party activities, Promote the development of industrial design accommodation inside and outside the province. Strengthen the positioning of international design new product launch, mobilize and introduce all kinds of design innovation enterprises in the fields of new energy vehicles, consumer electronics, medical devices, clothing, luggage, cooking utensils and so on, and help the gradual formation and development of "global design · xiong'an release". Adhere to the "1+n" holding mode, encourage qualified cities to set up sub venues of the design week, expand the results of the Design Week activities and the influence in the province, and jointly create a strong atmosphere for the development of industrial design with the main venue of xiong'an new area

support the golden reed Industrial Design Award. Support xiong'an new area to innovate the system and mechanism, guide the future industrial design and Research Institute of xiong'an new area, absorb various forces to enrich the director units of the Institute, establish a golden reed award organizing committee with wider scope, more fields and stronger participation, and hold the second golden reed Industrial Design Award at a high level. Guide the future industrial design and Research Institute of xiong'an new area to standardize the workflow, increase the publicity and promotion of the golden reed award and project collection, strengthen the publicity of the value concept of the golden reed award and the award-winning situation of the golden reed award organization through domestic and foreign media, design platforms and design organizations, and organize award promotion and explanation activities in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Wuhan, Berlin, London, Milan and other developed areas and cities of industrial design at home and abroad, Attract domestic and foreign production enterprises, design institutions and designers to participate in the award

expand the brand influence of "Hebei design". We will support professional activities such as Hebei College Students' industrial design innovation competition and Hebei cultural and tourism product creative design competition. Support design benchmarking enterprises, design star products, excellent design companies, cultural and creative companies, provincial and municipal industrial design innovation centers, etc., and participate in international and domestic high-level industrial design exhibitions such as Shenzhen industrial design exhibition, China Industrial Design Expo, Shenzhen Cultural Expo, London 100% design exhibition

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