Answers to the six major faults of the hottest CNC

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Answers to the six major faults of CNC machining center

answers to the six major faults of CNC machining center:

1. Sudden loss of parameters (0MD system):

fanuc expert Hello: a horizontal machining center of our company has 930al and CRT display bar shaped garbled code during operation, After restarting the machine, all parameters are lost. Then input parameters in the startup state, and the machine tool can operate normally. I don't know why? Thank you for your support and help! ★

answer: the sudden loss of parameters may be related to the storage board, battery or external interference. 930 also indicates that external interference may lead to abnormal CPU operation and system alarm. It also does not eliminate the main board or other PCB faults

2, 926 alarm (18i):

thank you for your reply to my previous two questions. Now there is a 926 alarm in another processing center, and then there is no display on the LCD of the control system except for the alarm information (at that time, the electric control 3. Lifting device: the temperature in the lifting cabinet of computer-controlled electromagnet and drop hammer is high). I don't know why, I hope to answer. thank you! ★

answer: 926 alarm (fssb alarm) cause and treatment fssb (servo serial bus) connecting CNC and servo amplifier fails. This alarm will occur if there is a problem with the fssb, optical cable and servo amplifier connecting the shaft control card. Confirm the fault position by using the LED on the servo amplifier. The position of the fault can be confirmed by using the 7-segment led on the servo amplifier?? Power supply of servo amplifier if the power supply of a servo amplifier fails, fssb alarm will occur. Fssb alarm is triggered due to power failure caused by the control power supply voltage drop of amplifier fault, or +5v grounding of encoder cable, or other reasons. Replace the shaft control card. If the shaft control card is diagnosed as faulty by the above measures, replace the shaft control card on the main CPU board

3. Alarm (0image-b):

Hello: Thank you very much for your products that have brought convenience to our production. Recently, a lathe in our company often has 92091130 alarm, of which 930 is the most, please provide technical support I would appreciate it. Start from the original platform ★

answer: 911sramsecurity: (byte1) parity error occurs in some program storage ram. Clear ram completely, or replace SRAM module or motherboard. Then reset the parameters and data. 920servoalarm (axis) this is the servo alarm (first to fourth axes). There is a monitoring alarm or ram parity error in the servo module. Please replace the servo control module 930cpuinterruptcpu on the motherboard. The alarm is interrupted abnormally. Bad motherboard or CPU card. According to the shape of the test object and the drop of the test object by the customer, the faulty parts can be confirmed by exchanging parts. In addition, the grounding of the machine tool and external interference must also be paid attention to

4. Parameters cannot be rewritten (BJ fanucoi MB):

Hello, our company has a new machine for the Far East machine made in Taiwan. After the new machine is installed, it is found that axis B cannot return to zero. When axis B turns to the zero switch, it starts to slow down, but soon after turning, there will be an alarm No. 90, which cannot return to zero. I don't know why, please help! thank you very much! ★

answer: No. 90 alarm Description: when "in the direction of returning to the reference point, when returning to the reference point at a speed equivalent to the position deviation (dgn.300) greater than 128 pulses, CNC receives the condition of 1-turn signal at least once, and returns to the reference point, this alarm occurs. Check: 1. Return to zero speed. 2. One turn signal

5. Machining center (fanuc-18im) :

the machine tool starts up after being stopped for a period of time, and there is an alarm: 701:overheat:fanmotor. After checking, it is found that the alarm is the cooling fan fault of the CNC system, but after checking, it is found that the fan operates normally, and the alarm has not been eliminated. Finally, only by changing #0 of parameter 8901 from "0" to "1", the alarm is shielded. Hope to help solve it, thank you! ★

answer: the fan is broken, but it can still rotate. You can only buy a new replacement

6. Machine tool alarm (fanuc-18):

after the spindle is overloaded, the machine tool alarms with the alarm number of 751, and the alarm number of the spindle servo module is al-73. How can I repair it. ★

answer: the motor sensor signal is disconnected. (1) Alarm occurs when the motor excitation is turned off (a) the parameter setting is incorrect. Confirm the sensor setting parameters. (b) If the cable is broken, please replace the cable. (c) Sensor adjustment failure, please adjust the sensor signal. If it cannot be adjusted or the signal cannot be observed, please replace the connecting cable and sensor. (d) If SPM fails, please replace SPM or SPM control printed circuit board. (2) When touching the cable (spindle operation, etc.), the alarm may be wire breakage. Please replace the cable. When cutting oil invades the connector part, please clean it. (3) alarm occurs when the motor rotates. (a) cable shielding treatment between the sensor and SPM fault confirmation cable shielding treatment. (b) It is bound with the power line of the servo motor. If the cable from the sensor d) the measurement results of this batch of products and the production date to the SPM is bound with the power line of the servo motor, please bind it separately

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