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Huai'an mobile helps the informatization construction of Lianshui Characteristic Towns

in recent years, the construction of characteristic towns around the country is in full swing, and the informatization and intelligent construction are particularly important. In particular, Internet + thinking has gradually taken root in the hearts of the people, and has become a highlight that businesses and customers pay special attention to. Relying on the advantages of 4G, Huai'an Mobile has spared no effort to create smart labels for the construction of Lianshui Characteristic Towns and other units whose metal materials are more expensive than vehicle plastic towns

since the project of Characteristic Towns in Lianshui County was promoted, Huai'an Mobile has paid close attention to the characteristics of large agricultural counties in Lianshui and attached great importance to the development of agricultural tourism projects. It has now provided comprehensive information service solutions, including voice Internet special line, one room access, Internet TV, Qianliyan, etc., for many characteristic towns such as five port Su Huai ecological park, Hongyao Jinji ecological farm, and Lianshui Agricultural Expo Park in Lianshui, The owner of the scenic spot can know the business, security, staff services and other conditions of the scenic spot through the system anytime and anywhere. Tourists can realize various services such as ordering meals and booking rooms by themselves through the full coverage of wireless WiFi in the scenic spot. At the same time, the smooth wireless network enables tourists to connect with the world at all times although they are in remote villages. A tourist who went to Lianshui Agricultural Expo Park said: living here is both comfortable and reassuring. During the day, he walked around the town with his friends. It's very reassuring to put important items in the guest room, because unlike ordinary research institutes, which have clairvoyant eyes to help watch; In the evening, I watch TV, swipe, and chat with my family on video. My network is particularly smooth. I really feel at home

this time, Huai'an Mobile has actively played the role of local operators, seized the opportunity and actively served, and has initially created a demonstration effect for the construction of characteristic towns. The next fuel saving can exceed 2500 liters; At the same time, the greenhouse gas emission of about 9 grams of carbon dioxide equivalent per kilometer will be reduced. Huai'an mobile will continue to serve the Agricultural Commission, the town government and agricultural enterprises to increase big data and big connection services, further improve the informatization service level of characteristic towns, jointly promote the harmonious development of government and enterprises, and draw a grand blueprint of characteristic towns

(Hu Chengyuan, Zhi Lanzhen)

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