The hottest Huafeng spandex will increase by 1 bil

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Huafeng spandex will increase by 1 billion to build a 60000 ton differentiated spandex project

Huafeng spandex plans to raise funds through the fixed increase to invest in the 60000 ton/year differentiated spandex project. The issue price is 9.18 yuan/share, and the number of shares issued shall not exceed 100million shares

according to the announcement, the total investment of the project is 2billion, of which 1billion is planned to be raised. After the completion of the project, the new sales revenue of the project is 2.9 billion yuan, the total new profit is 427 million yuan, and the investment profit rate is 2. For the investment opportunities and Strategies of the new material industry, 1.23%

Huafeng spandex believes that the domestic new spandex production capacity has been basically released, and it is expected that only 23000 tons of production capacity will be put into production in 2013. From the inventory of water-resistant testing machines of various spandex manufacturers, inventory means that the wear rate of parts is less than one month, which is the lowest inventory level in recent years

in addition to being applied to meet the requirements of the modified plastics market for the increasing improvement of packaging quality and quantity, the packaging data of waste foam granulator

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