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Huachangda plans to acquire the two companies for 1.83 billion yuan to improve the intelligent manufacturing industry chain. Huachangda announced today that the company plans to purchase 100% of the equity of shidewei technology held by Changshu shidewei industry, which will show chaos after the change, and 100% of the equity of nock technology held by Xu Xueming and fan Xuefang, which are combined but restricted by various factors. The transaction price is 1.83 billion yuan. At the same time, the company plans to issue shares to Beijing Kaishi fule and other companies to raise 1.8 billion yuan of supporting funds. The trading of the company's shares continued to be suspended. The daily economy noted that the targets of the company's acquisition are more or less related to intelligent manufacturing. In fact, huachangda has made constant moves in the field of layout intelligent manufacturing. The company once purchased 100% equity of Shanghai demeco, a robot system integrator, for 630million yuan in 2014, and then acquired DMW, one of the largest automotive intelligent equipment system integrators in the United States in 2015

equity consideration accounts for 70%

according to the transaction plan, as of May 31, 2015, the estimated value of shidewei technology was 1.5 billion yuan, with an estimated appreciation rate of 945.71%; In addition, the estimated value of nock technology is 330million yuan, with an estimated value-added rate of 1380%. At the same time, the counterparty promised that the cumulative net profit of the underlying assets would not be less than 585million yuan from 2016 to 2018. Among them, the accumulated net profit of shidewei technology in three years is not less than 480million yuan, and the net profit in 2016 is not less than 130million yuan; The accumulated net profit of Knoke technology in three years is not less than 105million yuan, and the net profit in 2016 is not less than 30million yuan

the announcement shows that in the consideration of the two target companies, huachangda plans to pay 70% in shares and 30% in cash, and the share issuance price is 18.97 yuan/share. Among them, the total consideration of shidewei technology shares is 55.35 million shares, and the total cash consideration is 450million yuan; Nock technology shares have a consideration of 12.18 million shares, with a total cash consideration of 9. After all, what suits you is the most important 9million yuan

after the completion of the transaction, the shares held by Yan Hua and Luo Hui, the actual controllers of huachangda, applicable to plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials, will be changed to 33.16% of the total share capital of huachangda after the transaction, and they will remain the controlling shareholder and actual controller of the company. Therefore, this transaction will not lead to changes in the controlling shareholders and actual controllers of the listed company

at the same time, huachangda plans to raise supporting funds from Beijing Kaishi fule and other three institutions through non-public offering of shares at an issue price of 17.07 yuan/share, with a total of no more than 105million shares issued and no more than 1.8 billion yuan raised. Of which, 549 million yuan was used for the payment of cash consideration in this transaction; 550 million yuan is used to repay the borrowings of listed companies; 550 million yuan is used for the investment and construction of a joint venture between huachangda and Dearborn mid west company, LLC; 25million yuan is used to pay intermediary fees; The remaining funds will be used for the construction of the R & D center of Shanghai demeco, a subsidiary

to open up the whole industrial chain of intelligent manufacturing

the daily economy notes that shidewei technology's main business is the provision of Internet platform solutions. Its field is weakly related to huachangda's existing business, but it is the company's future development goal, involving customer relationship management (CRM), big data analysis, Internet informatization, software development and other important fields. Nock technology is one of the few domestic enterprises that master the independent production technology of high-end auto manufacturing robot automatic welding automation line. It has mature experience in the integrated application of welding robots, and has accumulated rich technical reserves in robot simulation, system integration and so on

it is worth mentioning that in early April 2014, huachangda acquired 100% of the equity of Shanghai demeco by means of private placement and cash payment. Shanghai demeco's main products are complete sets of industrial robot equipment for automobile welding production line and the whole welding production line. Through the acquisition of Shanghai demeco, huachangda has made a breakthrough in its weakest welding robot complete equipment field, which is expected to rapidly improve the performance of the company's products

in 2015, huachangda acquired DMW, one of the largest automotive intelligent equipment system integrators in the United States, trying to bring market breadth and industrial chain extension to huachangda through the advanced technology mastered by DMW. Data shows that the relevant revenue of DMW from the projects of the three major automobile manufacturers in the United States accounts for more than 80% of the total sales revenue

huachangda said that at present, the company's business is mainly concentrated in the field of robot integrated applications and automated production lines. Compared with the information and intelligence requirements required by made in China 2025 and industry 4.0, there are also deficiencies in other business areas. In the future, it is necessary to continuously supplement and improve the upstream and downstream industrial chain according to the actual needs of development, and expand new business areas at the same time

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