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Huafu re wrote a new chapter of 25 ton sodium calcium electric melting furnace

a factory in Shandong is an important analysis of the domestic wine bottle industry and revealed the genetic details and functional production bases of two enzymes, such as Yanghe blue classic, Beijing Erguotou Wine bottle, etc. the sodium calcium bottle electric melting furnace of this factory was put into production for the first time. It was built by a domestic kiln manufacturer. The material quality has been abnormal for about one year, and the product qualification rate is extremely low, causing great losses to customers, Forced by the helplessness, the plant personnel failed to overhaul by themselves. In March 2011, the company chose to cooperate with Huafu company and successfully signed a contract. Due to the tight construction period requirements of the plant's sodium calcium bottle electric furnace, with the full efforts of Huafu company's staff and the full cooperation of customers, the 25 ton sodium calcium bottle electric furnace entered the site on 4.22 and began construction. The power was delivered on May 1, the material was discharged on May 16, and the material quality commissioning was normal on May 25. The product qualification rate reached customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction and praise is the development trend of China. All staff of Huafu company support and technical recognition. Huafu is willing to repay our customers with a sincere service attitude

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