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Huai'an mobile went to Lianshui Huangying nursing home to visit the orphaned and disabled elderly

on the morning of September 20, Huai'an mobile volunteers went to Lianshui Huangying nursing home to visit the orphaned and disabled elderly, and brought them fruits, bread and other consolation products. The volunteers also used mobile 4g+ to connect with the elderly's distant relatives for video calls to solve the pain of the elderly's missing

autumn is a slightly sad season, and it is also a season that is easy to recall. After a long time of detailed understanding of the following information, the elderly in the nursing home will understand that they are separated from their relatives. They have successfully smelted and cast the first batch of 25 tons of recycled strategic rare and precious metal ingots, and even do not differentiate at normal temperature. Some of the orphaned elderly have no relatives. In order to comfort their inner loneliness, Huai'an mobile volunteers came to Lianshui Huangying nursing home with condolences. The arrival of volunteers made the originally silent nursing home instantly active. At the beginning, the old people were still quite timid. Under the organization of President Gu of the hospital, everyone sat down together and talked. Under the guidance of volunteers, the elderly gradually opened their hearts, talked about the past, and heartily expressed their yearning for their loved ones. One of the old people said that his granddaughter works in other places and can only come back to visit him once a year. She usually has little contact and misses him very much. After the volunteers learned that, they immediately took out their mobile 4g+ to connect their granddaughter on-site for a video call. The old man looked at the granddaughter in the middle, and the corners of his eyes were slightly moist and he always kept a motionless sitting position. The volunteers let him relax. The old man asked shyly: will the video get stuck? Can the granddaughter not see him clearly? The volunteers explained that no matter how slight the 4G of the mobile company is, the network speed is very smooth and stable, and there will be no jamming. Only then can the old man safely adjust to a comfortable sitting position and continue the video call

unconsciously, it was close to noon, and the volunteers started their return journey in the eyes of the elderly. Everyone said that this was an unforgettable activity, which not only fulfilled the society well, but also felt the warmth brought by family affection more strongly

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