The hottest Hua'an futures Shanghai Jiaotong rose

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Hua'an Futures: Shanghai rubber was greatly reduced and increased by the inventory, and there was a lack of guidance in the short term.

fundamentals Jinan gold assay flexible packaging requires that one machine is multi-purpose:

the rubber production was reduced in the main production areas of foreign countries because farmers stopped cutting rubber in winter

3/21 Hainan agricultural reclamation pending order details: Rubiao qiongken farm 8 orders, 321 tons, starting price: 22500 yuan/ton, pending price down 100 yuan, no deal

technical side:

Japanese rubber opened sharply lower. Affected by the rise of Shanghai rubber, it rebounded in the late afternoon and closed at the mid Yang line

Shanghai Jiaotong opened low and rose all the way, closing at the mid Yang line

operation suggestions:

in the main production areas of foreign countries, because farmers stop cutting rubber in winter, you have to die due to seasonal supply shortages. Spot prices have fallen in recent days, but the decline is still small. Shanghai Jiaotong futures rose due to a sharp reduction in inventory and the lack of guidance in the short-term market. It is recommended to wait and see

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