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Hua'anrui has become the first TORLON polyamide imide molder certified by Solvay high performance plastics in China

this certification highlights hua'anrui's growing leadership in the injection of world-class high-performance high-temperature plastics

Pittsfield, Massachusetts - August 28, 2009 - hua'anrui plastics, headquartered in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA, is a company that provides comprehensive services for high-performance high-temperature plastic materials The molder has become the first certified TORLON polyamide imide (PAI) resin molder in China. In the second quarter of 2009, Hua Anrui began to use the most advanced molding equipment to inject TORLON polyamide imide (PAI) resin in Wuhan, China, where the comprehensive performance of special engineering plastics is higher and the temperature is above 150 ℃ for a long time. Solvay advanced plastics only certifies a limited number of molders with excellent molding capabilities worldwide. Therefore, the certification further highlights Hua Anrui's leading and innovative position in the injection molding industry of high-performance high-temperature plastic materials in Asia

the certification of TORLON resin processed by hua'anrui company enables it to help customers realize the wider application of unique high-performance polymers. Hua Anrui can expand the application scope of TORLON resin to aviation to promote the utilization of electronic business licenses, electronic invoices and electronic seals, automobile, oil and gas, and semiconductor industries, which are important growth points of China's economy at present

Russell Johnson, President of Hua Anrui plastics, said: "Through cooperation with Solvay engineers in alpha Rita, Georgia, and Shanghai, China, we installed the necessary screw barrel, dryer, oven and other equipment for molding TORLON resin, and received good training in both China and the United States. Solvay is a very professional company, ensuring that its molders fully understand how to process TORLON resin, so that end users can obtain all the benefits of this unique high-end material."

TORLON resin of Solvay advanced plastics has higher strength and stiffness than any thermoplastic material at 275 ℃ (525F). Processing this material requires special equipment and strict operating procedures in injection molding and curing, which is the value of Hua Anrui. Troll resin has excellent wear resistance, creep resistance and chemical resistance (including strong acid resistance and most organic substances), so it is very suitable for harsh application environments. The main characteristics of TORLON resin can include:

instrument operators should carefully browse and understand the correct protection and maintenance methods of wire changing experimental machine 226; It has excellent long-term strength and stiffness at temperatures up to 275 ℃

excellent wear resistance

from low temperature to 275 ℃, it has super toughness

strong acid resistance and most organics

Natural flame retardancy

low coefficient of linear thermal expansion

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