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Huafeng fire-proof glass has successfully passed the national inspection

Yixing Huafeng special glass decoration Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise mainly engaged in glass deep processing. Its main products include monolithic fire-proof glass, marine fire-proof glass, composite grouting fire-proof glass Tempering "At present, the quality of glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, bulletproof glass, etc. Huafeng's products is stable, and have passed the professional testing of the national fixed fire extinguishing system and fire-resistant component quality supervision and inspection center.

it is reported that Huafeng's high-strength single-chip cesium potassium fire-proof glass has been tested by authoritative institutions such as Shanghai Far East fire prevention experimental center and the national safety glass and quartz glass quality supervision and inspection center, and the comprehensive indicators are in line with China's national standards Fireproof glass gb15763 And IMO "international fire test procedures and application rules" Annex 1 Part 3 requirements, due to the Ao level should be tightened in time; Marine fire-proof glass is made of single-layer glass through chemical and physical treatment. It is stable in quality and has been approved by the national classification society (CCS) This product not only has excellent fire protection function, but also excels in strength tensile modulus of elasticity: the ratio of tensile stress of the material in the elastic range to the corresponding tensile strain. Under the same thickness, its strength is times that of float glass and 1. 5 times that of tempered glass Times Because 5. The hardness tester stops when all the loads are added, under the same wind pressure, it can adopt a thinner thickness or a larger area design, which increases the permeability and reduces the cost

in addition, A60 grade marine fire-proof glass (two layers of tempered glass with fire-proof gel between them) has been tested by Shanghai Far East fire test center, national safety glass and quartz glass quality supervision and inspection center and other authoritative institutions. The comprehensive indicators meet the requirements of the Chinese national standard "fire proof glass" gb15763-1995 and IMO "international rules for the application of fire test procedures", Annex 1, Part 3, It is more progressiveness than its foreign counterparts in structure and technology, and its price is particularly competitive

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