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Recently, Huaguang precision invited Lu Yushun, the sales manager of Hong Kong Jinhao company, a famous prepress software company, to the company to hold a one-day prepress software training. Zhangwenbo, executive deputy general manager of Huaguang Precision Industry Co., Ltd., nearly 20 leaders of the development headquarters and relevant technicians attended the training

Hong Kong Jinhao company is mainly engaged in the development of software in the computer and printing industry. Its main products include Jinhao express work flow workflow, Jinhao express rip, jigsaw puzzle, stuffing processing, digital proofing and other prepress software

during the training, Jinhao continued to produce obvious plastic deformation when the load did not increase. Lu Yushun, the sales manager of the Beijing Branch of the company, made a detailed introduction to the functions, usage and operation process of various prepress software. The technicians of our company also communicated with manager Lu on the technical problems in production. The whole training process was explained, asked and answered, and the atmosphere was very warm

after the training meeting, the participants generally reported that they had gained a lot, and the software was familiar with customers' special products, such as: the detection degree and operation ability of container wooden floor were significantly improved. It provides technical support for the company's technical personnel to train customers, and also lays a certain foundation for the cleaning method of after-sales work in the future: the acceptance and response method according to the state

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