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It is very important whether the geomantic omen of the office is good or not, because the geomantic omen of the office is closely related to personal career and the development and financial fortune of the whole company. Therefore, in life, for the smooth development of our career and the good prospects of our company, we must pay attention to the geomantic omen of the office, and the decoration of the office will largely determine the geomantic omen of the office, Therefore, we can't ignore the feng shui of office decoration. What about learning from Feng Shui and analyzing whether Feng Shui is good or not in office decoration? Let's learn more together

about the office decoration, we should analyze and explain whether Feng Shui is good or not

the method of placing desks should also be mentioned. After the new office is selected, whether it's good to sit in the ideal direction and how to choose, I'll tell the majority of netizens here. First of all, back to the wall, including our boss, employees, back to the wall, there are backers, can get the boss's importance and support. Someone said that we are a big club, so we can't lean against the wall. Don't lean against the wall. First, you should choose to sit northwest to Southeast, or sit southeast to northwest. Or sit West to East, sit north to south, this is your best position. In this way, you can prosper your career, help your boss, put your boss in an important position, help your boss, and have a lot of friends

in our office, some people say that it is most auspicious to put fish tanks and water in which direction. Generally, it is most auspicious to put water in the East in our office. Every morning, the water in the fish tank evaporates with the gas, which brings you more fresh aura, and this water can achieve good luck. Only when luck and aura are moistened, can it represent real luck, and your luck can be good. It rises with the wood and water of the East. In this way, when the aura of the east rises, the water rises with the aura, so that your body will be healthy. Only when your body is good, your career will be good

especially when you get up in the morning and enter the office, first face the fish tank and take a few deep breaths, which is particularly good for your body. Second, there should be more plants in the office and less thorny plants, such as cactus and cactus, which should be kept less. If you put these thorny things in the office, the noble people don't come to the door and wealth doesn't get started, it will also bring a disease to your skin, which is prone to skin diseases. Therefore, putting more round leaf plants and green plants in the office can adjust the space aura of the whole office, which is also a method of transportation

it's best to set the boss's personal office in the East. Sitting facing east, you can directly breathe the spirit of the East. I can't face the East. If you face the southeast, you can also prosper your career and make yourself healthy. Only when you are healthy can you do a good job in your career. This is the layout and seating of the office. (guidaye Feng Shui

the decoration of the front desk of the office depends on the analysis of Feng Shui

first, the central idea of the front desk design of the office decoration design

the front desk design of the company is the portal that reflects the company's image. The first impression of customers and business partners starts from the front desk, so the decoration of the front desk must not be handled rashly. No matter what the office design style of the company is, it can be distinguished at a glance at the front desk. In addition to the design factors of different styles of front desk, the use of materials is the most influential factor. Therefore, from design to decoration construction, we should not only grasp the overall style, but also keep up with the decoration materials. Most office owners mainly want to give customers three feelings in the office: strength, professionalism and scale

this is the so-called first impression. The office decoration and design environment will affect the recognition of business partners to a company and the trust of cooperation for a long time in the future

II. Feng Shui is designed for the front desk of the office

the decoration design of the front desk of the office is the gateway to reflect the company's image. It can not only show the strength of the enterprise, but also play a role in business etiquette, interpersonal communication, image strategy and so on. The first impression of customers and business partners starts from the front desk. Therefore, the decoration of the front desk must not be handled rashly

front desk design Feng Shui front desk belongs to Mingtang District in office feng shui, that is, the place where gas is gathered and absorbed. It is a very important position. Clothing store design. If the layout is appropriate, the natural business is prosperous and the financial resources are extensive. Improper layout is bound to be detrimental to development, and serious will lead to enterprise bankruptcy. Therefore, it is necessary to combine the owner's fate, sitting direction, geographical environment, industry and other comprehensive layout design. Guests entering the hall have an unspeakable sense of intimacy. Such a layout is successful. Among them, the layout of the four spirits of Qinglong, Baihu, Zhuque and Xuanwu is also very important. At the same time, the front desk should be prosperous at the entrance. More importantly, the five elements at the entrance cannot defeat the owner. Besides, the ceiling, ground, walls, beams and columns, as well as the feng shui of the outside environment should be properly arranged, which is the best Feng Shui layout of the front desk

reveal how to see whether Feng Shui is good in office decoration.

I. wall surfaces

now the general wall surfaces are mainly white or ivory, which not only ensures indoor lighting, but also conforms to people's visual habits, and gives people a concise and atmospheric aesthetic effect, so it can't be overemphasized. However, due to the nature of the industry, such as kindergartens, entertainment venues, theatres or personal preferences, there may be differences in the decorative tone of the office, so we should be cautious at this time. In addition to conforming to the tone and convention of industry attributes, the main decorative tone of the office should be determined according to the four pillars and five elements of the birthday of the top decision-maker

according to the five element principle of the book of changes, Chinese traditional geomancy classifies colors into five categories, which are: the colors of wood: green, green and green series; Fire colors: red and purple series; Color of soil: yellow and beige series; Gold color: white, milky white series; The color of water: black and blue series. Other intermediate colors can be classified according to the main color system, but this color will have the attributes of both the main color and the auxiliary color. According to the principle of five elements generating and restraining each other, different colors also have the effect of generating and restraining each other. Therefore, when choosing the color of the wall, the first principle should be to combine it with the fatalism of the top decision-maker, which is in line with its fatalism, likes and dislikes. For example, the top decision-maker, mahogany, might as well decorate the walls with green and green colors or choose green and green wallpaper for decoration, which is more conducive to the environment of the office. And so on

II. Floor

the floor layout of the office can not be ignored. The choice of office floor tone can also learn from the exquisite tone layout of the wall. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the matching and coordination with the wall and the overall decorative style of the office, and avoid abrupt and strange tones, “ Unique &rdquo

as for the floor layout of the office, there are still several points to pay attention to: first, avoid uneven, and second, correctly handle the floor texture. The ground of the office should be flat, which should be the first thing to pay attention to. In order to pursue novelty, some offices will use some stones to lay the ground, which is very undesirable. From the perspective of the book of changes, the uneven ground is considered to be a very unlucky environmental pattern, with ups and downs and twists in the main fortune, which will have a very adverse impact on the work efficiency, work performance and interpersonal relations of office staff

focus on everything “ Degrees ”, Too much is not enough. If the floor of the office is too smooth, it is also taboo. This is mainly from the perspective of safety. Due to the frequent exchanges of office staff, safety should be guaranteed. The ground is too slippery and it is easy to fall. For the beauty lady wearing high heels, the smooth ground is undoubtedly “ Invisible killer ” Come on! Therefore, the anti-skid measures of the office floor also need to be in place

as for the texture of the office floor, it is mainly because some materials have texture. Now the flooring materials on the market are diverse and varied. On some commonly used wooden floors, there will be some naturally formed textures, and on some floor tiles, for the needs of design and aesthetics, many textures will be added manually. Therefore, when using these textured floor panels, we must pay attention to one detail: the floor texture should not directly hit the door or the interior, but better to form a balanced pattern. At the same time, it should also be noted that if there are patterns on the floor, it is best to avoid patterns with sharp corners or ominous meanings, so as not to affect the interpersonal relationship in the office




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