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Wuhe County, Anhui Province is afraid of losing students to other places to conceal the scores of the high school entrance examination. For the majority of high school entrance examination candidates, it was a natural thing to know their high school entrance examination scores clearly. However, it was not until July 8 that some candidates in Wuhe County, Anhui Province found their high school entrance examination scores

these examinees and their parents reported that before that, they were anxious to rush between the school and the Education Bureau, but could not find their middle school entrance examination scores. Many people were very angry: "who in the end moved our 'separation of powers'? Candidates have the right to know their results at the first time."

recently, China Youth Daily visited the education department and some schools in Wuhe County to investigate the "confidentiality" of the scores of the middle school entrance examination

from the Education Bureau to the school, the score information of candidates has been set up cards layer by layer.

it is learned that this year, Wuhe County Education Bureau neither published the scores of candidates on the network query system nor handed them over to the 168 query desk of the telecommunications department, which brought a lot of inconvenience to candidates' query results

as early as the end of June, many parents posted a post on the official website of Wuhe County Education Bureau asking, "when does the score check on the high school entrance examination begin and how to check it?" The reply said: "the middle school entrance examination is a compulsory education stage, and the scores are not published. Please go to the school for inquiry."

"the Education Bureau and the school told me that the scores would not be published for the time being. Later, the Education Bureau said that they would not be published until July 8." Zhangzhigang (not his real name), who works in the south, told him that he called the Education Bureau on the afternoon of the 8th and finally found the child's grades. "After so many days of delay, the whole family is in a hurry. They don't know what school their children can go to now."

in addition, some examinees complained to them, "after receiving the notice, they knew which school they were admitted to, but they didn't know how many scores they got." On the morning of July 9, I came to Wuhe No. 2 middle school for an interview. Wuhe No. 2 middle school is a complete middle school. A teacher from the Academic Affairs Office of the school told us, "we only know the list of students we have enrolled, but we don't know their scores. The Education Bureau didn't give them to us. You can go to the Education Bureau to check." He stressed, "our junior high school (high school entrance examination candidates) do not have scores, they did not give us, how can we have?"

in the morning of the same day, we met some candidates and parents who came to Wuhe County Education Bureau to check the scores. Their arrival made the office crowded. A staff member of the Bureau said that the score checking had affected their normal work

interviewed Wang Yefu, deputy chief of the education section of the Bureau. According to him, as Wuhe County adopted the "upper marking", the marking was completed earlier than the surrounding counties, and was completed by the end of June. On July 2, they announced the list of candidates admitted in the plan and sent it to each admission school. In addition, they also announced the scores of candidates who did not meet the admission score line in the plan, which have been sent to the junior high school where the candidates are located. Then, the freshmen enrolled in Wuhe No. 1 middle school and No. 2 middle school began to register

however, section chief Wang never made a positive response to the statement that "the school only knows the list of admitted students and does not know the scores of candidates". He told him reluctantly, "it has been two years in a row, and the effect is not good. Next year, it will be announced immediately."

according to section chief Wang, those students who are not enrolled in the plan should be able to check their grades from their junior high school in time. However, this is not the case

on July 9, Xiaolu (a pseudonym) met a candidate at the school gate of Wuhe No. 2 middle school. He studied in a private school in the county. He told him that he scored 590 points this year. The school had said that it had not received results before, and finally found it in the Education Bureau

"some private schools are not standardized, and we have criticized them. The scores of candidates cannot be concealed." Wang explained, "at that time, those with more than 500 points were not published, and those with less than 500 points were published, but now they are all published." In his opinion, the reason why private schools do this is to retain students and hope that they can study in their own high schools. "They can do the work of examinees, but they can't take this form."

famous schools in other places organize examinations by themselves, and do not look at the results of the high school entrance examination at all.

from the education department to the school, why should we "set up cards" for the score information of candidates layer by layer? Regarding this issue, a local educator said: "obviously, the most important thing is to fear the loss of students to other places. Behind this phenomenon is a growing war of students."

Wuhe County, which is subordinate to Bengbu City, has a population of more than 700000. This year, a total of 5538 candidates participated in the high school entrance examination. At present, the county has 10 ordinary high schools, among which Wuhe No. 1 middle school is a provincial model high school and Wuhe No. 2 middle school is a municipal model high school. The guide wheel between the working platform of the non pressure testing machine and the 1 side column will also generate less friction. For the local people, this is a famous school in their eyes, "they would rather spend a high price and want to come in."

however, in recent years, provincial model high schools in other places have begun to recruit students in Wuhe, and "pinch" many high-level candidates. Local education departments and schools are under pressure

"last year, the county did well in the college entrance examination, and it reached a higher level one year. There were a lot of people on the sanbenda line, but there were not enough high-level sections." Wangyefu said that many "top students" cultivated in the county have been admitted to famous universities such as Peking University and Tsinghua University in other places, which makes local people regret. "One year, you can check the scores. There were more than 700 candidates with more than 600 scores in the middle school entrance examination in the county, and more than 290 people left."

according to him, the "Independent Enrollment" of several famous universities in Hefei and Bengbu has also extended to Wuhe County. "It doesn't matter if you want to get a high school entrance examination score. Before the high school entrance examination, they have sent people to the school to find out the bottom, organized tests, and reached an intention with the students." According to him, for the specific "test" date, all schools are reluctant to announce in advance, and take the "East meets West" tactics to test each other, for fear that other schools will start the test in advance and attract students first

"in addition, it has been liberalized this year. Operators of several other high schools in Bengbu should pay attention to the maintenance of various components of the hydraulic system of the experimental machine and the protection of the hydraulic system. They can also recruit students from the three counties." He believes that this has intensified the already fierce competition for students

it was learned that Wuhe County had to carry out "enrollment reform" in order to cope with the "cutting edge" of foreign famous schools in advance. According to the content published in the "2012 high school enrollment measures of Wuhe County", Wuhe No. 1 middle school and No. 2 middle school in the county can not accept students in the first stage immediately after leveling, and the principal's real name is recommended for admission, with a total of more than 600 students. According to the quota allocated to each middle school, the principal honestly recommends the "promoted students" in real name. The recommended students still need to participate in the "monitoring examination" and can only be admitted after passing the examination

"some of these students were admitted to the first year of senior high school before finishing the third day of junior high school. They have been in class for two months." A teacher from the Academic Affairs Office of Wuhe No. 2 middle school told me. When asked whether such enrollment is in line with the relevant policy that modified polypropylene materials have been widely used in decoration, he said: "all policies are illegal. There is no way, just for fear of the loss of students."

however, even if the local education departments and schools strongly urge them to stay, some candidates still hesitate. It is understood that among the students admitted by Wuhe No. 1 middle school and No. 2 middle school, there are still dozens of candidates who fail to report to the admission school. "They want to go to a school out of town. It seems that they can't stay." Wangyefu said reluctantly, "last year, more than a dozen candidates with high scores went to Hefei School."

facing the "competition" between public schools and other famous schools, private middle schools in Wuhe County also hope to attract the remaining and relatively good students

"for private schools, the enrollment rate is particularly important, otherwise it will be difficult to develop." A local educator in Wuhe said that in order to support the development of private schools, the County Education Bureau stipulated that Wuhe No. 1 middle school and Wuhe No. 2 middle school would not allocate orientation indicators to the two private schools, Jiangsu Anhui school and Dazhi middle school, but their current students are still at a disadvantage. To this end, the school tried every means to keep the students with good grades in junior high school and continue to study in senior high school

Zhang Zhigang, the parent, has a lot of opinions on this. According to him, the child scored 590 points this year, reaching the "unplanned" admission score line of Wuhe No. 1 middle school. However, the teacher did not ask him to report "unplanned" in his first volunteer. As a result, he can only be admitted by the private school he originally studied in. "There are many such examples. Children just want to go to No. 1 middle school instead of the original school."

the county-level schools on the defensive cannot stop the outflow of students

there is no doubt that students have the right to choose the high school they want to go to, and teachers, schools and education departments cannot forcibly intervene. However, local educators in Wuhe suggest that examinees and parents, faced with the olive branch from other schools, might as well calmly think about it. Will they be able to get results when they go to a big city or a "famous school"? Are all candidates suitable for such a path

Wangyefu, who has worked in the Education Bureau for many years, told an example: there was a pair of brothers surnamed Liu. During the high school entrance examination, his brother achieved outstanding results. He went to a "famous school" in Hefei and scored 620 points in the college entrance examination this year; My younger brother went to a high school in Wuhe County, and his college entrance examination scores were dozens of points higher than his elder brother

"for younger children, going to school outside the city is not necessarily a good thing." He analyzed that some children could not adapt to the school life. In addition, due to the changes in the environment, their thoughts would fluctuate to a certain extent, resulting in unsatisfactory results. "Every year, I come back after reading half of it."

although this statement is reasonable, no matter whether it is score confidentiality or guidance, in this student source war, the defensive county-level schools can not stop the outflow of students

Hefei, July 11

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