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Wuliangshen crystal wine bottle was put into production in globegroup.

wuliangshen cavity was extended to 4mm away from the real external working face at the square bottom of the drill cone. The successful release of the crystal glass bottle marked a new step in the glass bottle production technology of Wuliangye globegroup group. Previously, due to immature production technology and other external factors of tightening nuts, 3000ml large volume glass bottles were produced by external glass bottle manufacturers. In addition, the orders are small and the production is difficult. Many manufacturers are unwilling to produce

recently, the order for 3000ml wuliangshen glass bottle came down again. Wuliangshen's wine bottle design breaks through the tradition. Instead of using the design framework of square, round and pottery bottles, it boldly adopts the human face design in the form of Picasso's abstract art. The sides of a man and a woman are respectively displayed on the bottle body to highlight the dominant position of the industry in the leading industry of the park. It is embellished with bronzing to make the appearance durable, clear-cut and full of charm. But it increases the difficulty for production, and it is even more difficult for glass bottles with large volume and 3000g heavy material weight! Leading the first time to pick materials, there are two major problems: a large number of bubbles in the bottle body and "hanging materials" in the bottle body

since picking is a manual operation, we should pay more attention to the fact that such a heavy glass liquid is picked into the primary mold at one time, and the temperature reaches the product sensitivity, resulting in a large number of bubbles. Through continuous adjustment of the natural gas temperature and repeated tests, the temperature is uniform, and the bubbles are controlled within the standard range. As for the "hanging material" on the shoulder of the wine bottle, because the wine bottle is a super special-shaped glass bottle, the material embryo is too large, and the shoulder of the primary mold is designed to be too small, so that the liquid glass is stuck after falling into the primary mold, resulting in "hanging material". After many modifications to the initial mold, the problem of "hanging material" was finally solved. The teachers who thought they could relax received new feedback: the glass wine bottle mouth is not saturated, and the wine bottle mouth is obviously uneven. This is because the material embryo is too large and the glass bottle is unevenly heated. When the material falls to the opening of the primary mold, the material temperature is already very low, so that the temperature of the bottle mouth cannot be reached, resulting in uneven bottle mouth

with years of experience, director Li decided to reduce the mouth plate on the die by 50 wires to make up for the bottle surface, and finally solved the problem of unsaturated wine bottle mouth. After three times of painstaking material selection and proofing by the proofing master, the qualified 3000ml wuliangshen glass bottle was finally successfully produced, which filled a gap in the company's glass bottle production technology and reached another milestone in the glass bottle production technology

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