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Wuhan unsealing automatic food processing equipment helps Hubei enterprises to resume production

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core tips: [packaging and printing industry in China] recently, several public service live broadcasts in Hubei have been held in the live broadcasting room of an e-commerce platform, including hot and dry noodles, lotus root belt, mushrooms, wine Duck

[packaging and printing industry in China] recently, a live broadcasting room of an e-commerce platform has held several public service live broadcasts in Hubei. The sales include hot and dry noodles, lotus root belt, mushrooms, wine, duck neck, tea leaves and other Hubei featured products. These live broadcast activities have played a role in promoting the resumption of work and production of food enterprises in Hubei. Hubei is a large province with rich products, and there are many kinds of special snacks. With the help of food processing technology, many specialty foods have been produced in a standardized way and have been distributed throughout the country

pasta and drying equipment guarantee the production of hot and dry noodles

speaking of Hubei, we have to mention hot and dry noodles. Hot and dry noodles are made of alkaline water supplemented by oil, sesame paste, chives, garlic seeds, luobuding, sour beans, brine juice, raw soy sauce and other materials. They are one of the early snacks of Wuhan people. How popular are hot and dry noodles in Wuhan? Big data shows that after the restart of Wuhan, 5000 orders of self extracting hot and dry noodles per day. Now, with the application of noodle production line equipment, the sales scope of hot and dry noodles is expanding

one of the keys to determining whether a bowl of hot and dry noodles tastes good is the quality of noodles. Although handmade noodles taste good, their production efficiency is low. Nowadays, the application of noodle machine has greatly improved the production efficiency of noodles. The noodle assembly line equipment can carry out continuous operation from feeding to outlet, which is not only efficient, but also of high quality. The finished noodles also need to be dried by drying equipment to extend the shelf life and facilitate storage

fermentation tank improves the production process of wine

in addition to purchasing China 15 standard sand, you must purchase hot and dry noodles from designated authorized enterprises. Sweet, delicious and nutritious wine is also one of Hubei's characteristic diets. Wine brewing is a kind of sweet rice wine made by fermenting steamed rice mixed with wine. In the production process of wine brewing, fermentation is very important. In particular, the temperature control in the fermentation process has a great impact on the flavor of the finished product. The development of automatic fermentation equipment has laid a technical foundation for the large-scale production of wine

fermentation tank is one of the fermentation equipment with a wide range of applications at present. Aseptic system is adopted in the tank, which can avoid the pollution of fermentation process by microorganisms in the air. The equipment is also provided with a jacket, which can realize circulating heating or cooling through heating or cooling medium. And the equipment has an accurate temperature control system, which can monitor the fermentation process in real time. At present, many wine production enterprises have begun to use fermentation tanks and other automatic equipment to improve the production process and level of fermented glutinous rice products, so as to achieve industrialized large-scale production

packaging equipment expands the sales radius of halogenated products

halogenated products are also one of the Hubei delicacies that many diners are longing for. In recent years, the market of halogenated products in Hubei has been booming. With the help of flow processing lines, such delicacies as halogenated duck neck, halogenated lotus root, and halogenated dried beans have entered the standard chemical plant from the streets and alleys. According to a survey, Wuhan people eat about 8billion brine foods a year alone. However, as a cooked food, the preservation period of brine products is very precise and short. In order to extend its shelf life, vacuum packaging, modified atmosphere fresh locking packaging and other technologies have been applied in its production line

vacuum packaging is to extract and seal all the air in the packaging container, maintain the bag in a highly decompressed state, so that microorganisms have no living conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of fresh products and no deterioration. The modified atmosphere fresh-keeping package is filled with CO2, N2, O2 and other mixed fresh-keeping gases after vacuuming to extend the shelf life. Compared with the two, modified atmosphere fresh packaging will not squeeze the product, but it is inferior to vacuum packaging in terms of extending the shelf life

conclusion: Nowadays, Hubei food enterprises are returning to work and production in an orderly manner. For some enterprises, there are also new opportunities for production line upgrading. Especially when automated food processing equipment is "rampant", it has become a general trend for food enterprises to upgrade automated production. Local food processing enterprises should also seize the opportunity to promote automatic production and continuously process negative electrode materials, which can be sold for more than 100000 yuan per ton to promote product improvement, so as to better meet the needs of consumers

original title: Wuhan unsealing automatic food processing equipment helps Hubei enterprises resume production

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