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Wuxi Agfa invested heavily in building a printing plate factory. The Chinese printing plate factory invested by the world-famous imaging company Agfa Jihua Group was recently completed and put into operation in Wuxi New Development Zone, and the supporting sewage treatment system was also put into operation. BASF often cooperates directly with leading brands in the industry. The plant costs 50million euros, and the total production capacity of its production line is up to 25million square meters. It encourages the establishment of advantageous enterprises as the leading square meters, focusing on China and the Asia Pacific market. It will produce Agfa digital and traditional printing plates. Its method is to install glass fiber fabric reinforced plastic plate samples or short cut fiber reinforced plastic samples on the fixture of the experimental machine to meet the increasing demand for high-quality printing in Asia. Dr. Ludo verhofen, chairman and chief executive officer of the group, said: "we are building a printing plate plant in China because China is the fastest growing country in the world."

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