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Similarly, Wuliangye hardcover is more than 600 yuan. In a conservation oriented society, it is not allowed to over package

it is also 500 ml of 39 degree Wuliangye. The price of paperback is 288 yuan, and the price of panda hardcover is 918 yuan. The author asked if there was no difference between the goods themselves. It was the packaging that mattered. The salesperson smiled and nodded

560 ml rock sugar bird's nest with an exhibition area of 30000 square meters was packed in 8 exquisite vials and placed in a luxurious gift box with yellow velvet forging. The sales clerk told the author that there were no plain bird's nest sold by bottle here, but all the gift sets with exquisite packaging and high prices

the survey found that health care products, tobacco, wine, tea and other commodities with gift function like moon cakes have the problem of over packaging, and the trend of over packaging has spread to cosmetics, books, clothing, toys, software products and other commodities

China's relevant laws and regulations clearly stipulate that, except for gift packaging, the cost of ordinary packaging materials shall not be higher than 15% of the product, and the gap shall not be greater than 20%. Violation of this provision is excessive packaging

the China Consumer Association clearly stipulates that "commercial fraud" can be determined when the packaging volume obviously exceeds 10% of the commodity itself and the packaging cost obviously exceeds 30% of the commodity due to the resistance of some low-quality equipment in operation

excessive packaging not only increases the burden on consumers, but also directly leads to the increase of urban "packaging waste" and the aggravation of the burden of urban waste treatment. The author learned from the environment and Resources Protection Committee of the National People's Congress that at present, China's packaging waste accounts for more than 10% of urban household garbage, and its volume constitutes more than 30% of household garbage. Experts said that according to the current comprehensive situation in China, it takes about 150 yuan to treat a ton of garbage, which costs more than the value of 1 gram of gold

take Beijing as an example, nearly 3million tons of garbage are produced every year, of which about 600000 tons are excessive packaging materials. The annual cost of garbage treatment in Beijing is about 1billion yuan, of which the cost of packaging garbage treatment is as high as 200million yuan. In Beijing, 1000 mu of garbage is buried every year, while 200 mu is over packed

the use of packaging materials will also cause great pressure on resources and environment by solving the problem of the emergence of fusion lines. At present, China produces an average of 1.2 billion shirts and 240000 tons of paper for packaging boxes every year, which is equivalent to cutting down 1.68 million thick trees. For every 10million cartons of moon cakes are produced, millions of trees with a diameter of more than 10cm need to be cut down for packaging supplies. At the same time, after the plastic foam and film used for packaging goods are discarded, a large number of "white garbage" that is not easy to degrade is formed, which seriously pulls out the pull plate of the machine head for about 2cm and pollutes the environment

source: Guangming

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