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Diversified market demand creative assistance printing and packaging enterprise transformation

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core tip: in this era of diversified market demand, the value of a good idea is immeasurable

[China Packaging News] in this era of diversified market demand, the value of a good idea is immeasurable

creative design stimulates value

can design create value? Taiwan's practice gives a positive answer. In Taiwan, innovative and environmentally friendly packaging design has driven a huge 2. Regular inspection of knife screws, sightseeing and gift market. Taiwan "Graphene has high conductivity but high profits. After sharing with you the packaging design cases of Taiwan pineapple crisp, tea, rice and other local products, Huang Guozhou, chairman of the packaging design association, pointed out that using cultural creativity can create more value-added packaging, and the output value created by some carefully designed packaging will be very different. It is the most important to create infinite wealth with our design power.

we serve many people Famous enterprises do brand and product packaging design, including New Oriental, Haier, 360, etc. was our customer before listing on NASDAQ; We have served Suning for more than 10 years and watched it change from a local household appliance retail enterprise at the beginning to surpass appliances and invest in real estate, becoming the top 500 private enterprises in 2013. The relevant person in charge of a design company in Beijing said with deep feeling: for a long time, the value of design has been underestimated and should be fully understood and released

some experts pointed out that the integration of creative design and related industries is in line with the phased characteristics of industrial development. When China's per capita GDP reaches more than 6000 US dollars, people's demand for quality of life and design will reach a new height. The relevant person in charge of a printing Co., Ltd. in Shanghai said that their company has re cultivated its own design team in recent years. It is precisely because they have seen the changes in the market situation and can choose according to the needs of users, and the concept of customers is also changing

building a platform for designers to connect with enterprises

the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry is the main task of China's economic restructuring. Now the weakness of China's manufacturing industry is to do more downstream and processing, less high-end R & D and design, and so is the printing industry. If more creative design elements are integrated into the design, printing, mounting and other aspects of printing, the printing industry can jump out of the scope of simple processing services. Li Xinli, President of Shanghai Printing Industry Association, said that the original intention of setting up the creative art exhibition was to build a docking platform for designers and printing enterprises

the enthusiasm of enterprise design and R & D is not enough

it is reported that perhaps the road of upgrading and integration is just starting, and the enthusiasm of enterprise design and R & D seems to be insufficient. Experts call on design companies and designers to go down and go deep into the process level of enterprises, so as to achieve the landing; Enterprises need to go up and strengthen design research and development and investment. Only when the two are truly connected, upgraded and integrated can they be solved

the relevant person in charge of an industrial group Co., Ltd. in Shanghai believes that training a designer team requires relatively high costs, so it should be determined according to the business conditions of the enterprise. Ying Lei, a professor in the Department of art and design of Shanghai University of technology, clearly expressed his attitude towards designers: designers are not artists, but designers, and his work should be application-oriented. He believes that a designer should not only understand design, but also understand printing materials, printing technology and marketing, and be highly responsible for enterprises and customers

the relevant person in charge of a printing Co., Ltd. in Shanghai believes that designers should focus on special design and not be greedy for big things, which is impossible to do a good job in design. He shared a way of cooperation that their company is practicing, that is, the enterprise provides practice bases, database materials, etc., while the designer is responsible for doing a good job in front-end design. The win-win way is for both sides to work together

in addition, copyright protection must integrate cultural creativity and design services to promote the vigorous development of the industry. The paper creative art exhibition can provide copyright registration services for creative design works, which is a very good measure

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