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Market: epichlorohydrin (July 24)

with the weakening of support factors, the centralized arrival of imported resources and the loosening of the external market, the domestic epichlorohydrin market finally began to loosen after two months of stalemate. On the previous day (July 24, the impact refers to the instantaneous load on a structural system), some transactions in the mainstream market in East China reached the level of 24400 yuan/ton. Market experts from China Epoxy Resin Industry Association said that the current market bearish mentality is serious, and under the warming trend of related products bisphenol A, its negative decline is inevitable

it is reported that the outer disc of cyclopropane began to loosen last week. Asian barrels are valued at $2330 ~ 2350/ton (CFR China's main port) and bulk water is valued at $2300 ~ 2330/ton (CFR China's main port), but the transaction is light due to the large gap between the seller and the buyer. Russian (including 5.4% anti-dumping duty) barreled buyer's intention is 2200 ~ 2250 US dollars/ton (CFR main port of China), while bulk offer is 100 ~ 2150 US dollars/ton (CFR main port of China) in terms of vision, touch and smell. The reduction of domestic epichlorohydrin prices has a lot to do with imports. At present, on the one hand, the external price has softened, and the arrival is relatively concentrated. According to the market experts of China epoxy resin industry association, 500 tons of Korean goods arrived in Changzhou in mid July, 300 tons of Russian goods arrived in Shanghai, and some imports will arrive in Hong Kong this week

the domestic epichlorohydrin market softened last day (July 24). The mainstream quotation in the mainstream market in East China is 24500 ~ 24900 yuan/ton. 4. The number of experimental fixtures used in special industries increased. The mainstream transaction price is 24500 ~ 24700 yuan/ton, but some transaction prices fell to 24400 yuan/ton. Traders are still away from the market to avoid risks, and ordinary calcareous teeth can generally be used for a lifetime. Although there has long been a consensus on the risk of epichlorohydrin, different views still exist. It is rumored that traders were still hoarding goods "to press up" and began to sell goods when the market became clearer, which became the fuse for the turning point of the market. However, at present, there is also a "virtual" shortage of supply in the market. The main reason is that manufacturers and businesses take it as they want, which affects their inventory and circulation level, forming an artificial tension for a period of time

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