The hottest market continued to show a sluggish co

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The market continues to show a sluggish consolidation trend

this week, the East China plastic spot market continues to fluctuate slightly and fall, the market mentality is generally cautious, the wait-and-see atmosphere is still dominant, the actual transaction is flat, and block transactions are relatively rare. Affected by the world economic recession, the market downturn, and weak demand, it is expected that the overall weak market situation will continue in the near future

in terms of hard glue, restrained by the reduction of SM price and the decline of demand, the quotation of ABS fell again. The selling price of domestic 750 and 9715a was yuan (including tax ton price, the same below), the trading price of Taiwan Qimei 757 was 9600 yuan, and the selling price of Ningbo 121h was 8600 yuan. The PS market was also flat due to the dual impact of the decline of upstream price and the weak downstream demand, with an average decline of yuan

in terms of soft glue, the spot price of polyethylene continues to be frustrated due to the weakening demand. The price of high-pressure polyethylene (LDPE) film grade is 6750 yuan, its use with cables is -7000 yuan, the injection grade of low-pressure polyethylene 500 kg loaded ethylene (HDPE) is yuan, and the drawing grade is yuan. Partners in the material field are encouraged to develop powder materials compatible with HP's system. The quotation of linear high-pressure polyethylene (LLDPE) is yuan

due to the sufficient inventory and the decline of PE price, the actual selling price of polypropylene tends to decline steadily. The quotation of homopolymer grade wire drawing material is yuan, and the market of copolymer grade injection plastic is yuan. PVC is not optimistic due to spot transactions. The market price also fell again. At present, the import quotation of ordinary powder is yuan, and the transaction price in the domestic market is yuan

in terms of engineering plastics, due to the continued downturn in the international market, the overall market trend is not optimistic, and some spot prices such as PA, POM, PC, etc. are still likely to be further explored

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