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The improvement of market demand for PVC is expected to fluctuate higher

I. international economic overview

the report released by the conference board on the 30th showed that the consumer confidence index fell in June, especially the expected index of economic activity in the next six months

according to the report, the consumer confidence index fell to 49.3 in June; The revised index in May was 54.8, and the initial value was 54.9. If the single column tensile testing machine has the above problems, the data in June is far lower than the 56.0 expected by the economists surveyed earlier. The current situation index in June fell to 24.8 from 29.7 in May, with an initial value of 28.9. In June, the consumer expectation index for economic activity in the next six months fell to 65.5, compared with 71.5 in May, with an initial value of 72.3

consumers are also more pessimistic about the current employment situation. The proportion of respondents who believed that employment opportunities were sufficient fell to 4.5% in June, 5.8% in May and 14.1% in the same period in 2008. The proportion of respondents who thought it was difficult to find a job rose to 44.8% in June, 43.9% in May and 29.7% in the same period last year

employment prospects have also become more pessimistic. The proportion of respondents who believed that job opportunities had increased fell to 17.4% in June and 19.3% in May. The proportion of respondents who believed that job opportunities had decreased increased to 27.3% from 25.6% in May

the data released by Japan gnawing hard bone showed that Japan's unemployment rate rose to a five-year high in May, and the employment situation was in the worst period in history, indicating that the world's second-largest economy was deeply in the worst economic crisis after the war

the agency announced that the unemployment rate rose to 5.2% in May from 5% in April, and the employment application ratio fell to 0.44, the lowest since the establishment of the report in 1963. Economists had expected the unemployment rate to rise to 5.2%

Rosengren, director of the Federal Reserve and chairman of the Boston fed, said that the U.S. economy will begin to recover in the second half of 2009, but the unemployment rate will continue to rise and will peak in early 2010

Rosengren said on the sidelines of the economic conference held in Brussels, "it is expected that the US gross domestic product (GDP) will achieve positive growth from the second half of 2009."

it is generally felt that the world economy is still in the process of bottoming out. Although it is difficult to substantially improve in the short term, it has begun to rebound in the long term, and it is unlikely to continue to deteriorate

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