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Double in four years, emerging markets become the main driving force of JCB

double in four years, emerging markets become the main driving force of JCB

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Guide: 2007 was the most brilliant year of JCB, its sales and global market, but the wet center is easy to make the share of machine parts and electronic control reach the highest level in history. In 2007, JCB's turnover increased to $4.5 billion (£ 2.25 billion), setting a record high, while in 2008, JCB's turnover was only $3.5 billion (£ 1.75 billion). Such a huge success

2007 was the most brilliant year for JCB, with its sales and total market share of 606.5 goals reaching the highest level in history

in 2007, JCB's turnover increased to $4.5 billion (2.25 billion pounds), setting a record high, while in 2008, JCB's turnover was only $3.5 billion (1.75 billion pounds). Such a great success was attributed to the sales record of more than 72000 devices of JCB in 2007. Compared with the same period of last year, the sales volume increased by 30%, which was 18 percentage points higher than the average growth level of the market, creating another record in JCB's sales history. At the same time, JCB's market share in the global construction machinery industry also increased from 10.4% in 2008 to 12%

in 2007, India replaced Britain as JCB's largest market, and the number of equipment sold increased from 10800 in 2006 to 17000

jcb not only continues to maintain its position as the world's third largest construction machinery enterprise, but also significantly narrows the gap with the second largest enterprise. JCB is the world's No. 1 manufacturer of excavators and loaders, and one of every three excavators sold worldwide is produced by JCB. At the same time, JCB is also the world's first manufacturer of telescopic boom loader in 2007

JCB announced this good news to the world at the construction machinery exhibition held in Las Vegas in 2008. At the same time, 21 new products have been released, including Crawler excavators, small excavators, telescopic arm loaders and skid steer loaders. This marks that JCB's product series has reached 290

jcb director and CEO John Anderson said in an interview: "JCB's business has doubled in the past four years, and its sales volume has increased from 36000 units in 2004 to 72000 units last year. Such great achievements come from the joint efforts of JCB's global employees and dealers. JCB products continue to innovate, and $200 million has been invested to consolidate and develop its localized production capacity around the world, thus promoting the rapid growth of enterprise sales."

facts have proved that emerging markets are the main source of continuous business development of jcb2007. JCB has seen a huge increase in its global market share, including India, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Russia and South America

other important achievements in 2007 are as follows:

the global sales of JCB soil compactors increased by 45 percentage points

jcb tractor sales increased by 60 percentage points

40% of the total increase in JCB sales came from new products

JCB dealers increased to 670, and 1500 warehouses were established worldwide

the latest Iberian Peninsula spare parts distribution center opened in Madrid

the latest generator series products have been released to the market

on the basis of the brilliant achievements made in 2007, JCB will continue to increase its investment in production equipment and customer service worldwide in 2008 and develop steadily. In general, by constantly developing new products, investing in new production facilities, and constantly increasing the construction of JCB's work team and business network worldwide, we hope JCB can continue to develop steadily in 2008

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