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Nokia may lose the opportunity to turn the tables on its three system landscape

ctiforum June 23 (pantentine): on June 21, Nokia released its first MeeGo system N9 at Nokia connection in Singapore. At the same time, Nokia said that in the next year, it will launch about 10 Symbian Anna operating system intelligences

Analysys analysis:

Analysys International analysis believes that under the background that MeeGo and Symbian are not optimistic and there may be problems in the running in between Nokia and Microsoft, the multi system layout strategy may affect the efficiency of Nokia's WP7 strategy implementation, leading to a more difficult situation in the future

the three system layout may make WP7 lose its turnaround

Nokia announced the launch of N9 with MeeGo platform at this press conference, and announced that it will comprehensively launch the upgrade of the new Symbian version Anna from July this year, and plans to launch 10 new Symbian smart phones in the next year. Analysys International believes that although the design innovation of N9 adopting MeeGo is commendable, the ecosystem construction of MeeGo itself is not perfect, and it is not enough to form competitiveness at the end in the short term; Symbian platform has no power to return to the sky in the medium and high-end market due to the old bottom and other reasons; At present, Nokia's only turnaround lies in its new design, the launch of WP7 supported by the Microsoft Windows ecosystem. The three system layout, which holds Symbian and wants to test the water with MeeGo, is likely to make developers and upstream manufacturers "hesitate" about the development of Nokia, invest more carefully in WP7, and delay the best turn of WP7

a tangled attitude within Nokia will further hinder the promotion of WP7

for Microsoft and Nokia, as two industry giants with huge and complex organizational structures, whether they can integrate resources in a suitable mode and dare to make appropriate choices is the key to the success or failure of the two alliances; If the mode is improperly selected or it is difficult to give up immediate interests, the strategic implementation ability of the alliance will be greatly hampered and it will not be able to respond efficiently according to the market. The long-term coexistence strategy of Symbian and WP7 also reflects a certain swing in the cooperation between Nokia and Microsoft; If Nokia still clings to Symbian for a long time, it will pose a great resistance to the implementation of WP7 strategy

the launch of N9 is estimated to be on the one hand that Nokia hopes to seek more opportunities in MeeGo's water testing market; On the other hand, Nokia invested a lot in MeeGo in the early stage. If it is easy to give up, it is not good to give an account to developers and investors who have long focused on MeeGo, but if this attitude of reluctance to give up persists in friction: objects that are relatively moving (or have a relative movement trend) may also have a negative impact on Nokia's internal resource allocation, product line layout, and even the cooperative relationship with Microsoft, making Nokia's operations complicated, Hinder the efficient implementation of WP7 strategy

it is not impossible to be acquired by Microsoft and other enterprises in the future

constantly committed to the improvement of service standards. To sum up, Analysys International believes that if Nokia adheres to the layout of "stepping on three boats" for a long time in the future, it will lose the opportunity of turnover, which will undoubtedly worsen the current situation of its company; 1. Before starting the machine, it should be lubricated according to the specified lubrication parts and lubrication methods, and now the market value of Nokia has plummeted to $25billion. If WP7 strategy fails, it will not be impossible to be acquired or partially acquired by Microsoft and other enterprises. Make the film have superior smooth results, reported by CTI forum

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