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According to Bloomberg, a large number of small and medium-sized flexible packaging plants do not have formal technical personnel agency, on July 3, when the global aluminum supply is in surplus and the Chinese government is seeking to reduce production capacity, China's largest non-state-owned Langsheng has set up a high-performance plastic plant in China without Tin, and the state-owned aluminum producer China Hongqiao group and its competitors will increase production or maintain production unchanged. According to Bloomberg news on July 3, China Hongqiao group, China's largest non-state-owned aluminum producer, and its competitors will increase or maintain production at a time when the Chinese government is seeking to reduce production capacity due to global aluminum oversupply. Wang Yuting, Executive Director Secretary and head of investor relations of China Hongqiao group, said that the company's production will increase by about 10% to 2million tons this year. Xinfa group and Eastern hope group said they had no plans to reduce production. These three companies rank among the top five aluminum producers in China. Zhuochuang's view: if the above 2 If the measurement of deformation is realized, the efforts made by the Chinese government and aluminum industry leaders such as Rusal and Alcoa to reduce production capacity will be offset

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