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The application of norcop4 high-end products in CRM call center system

the call center system is an information consulting center based on Internet access. It integrates communication, interconnection, data, sound, image, etc. it can quickly understand the background and historical communication records of incoming users, help business personnel quickly process business and analyze user data, and improve enterprise operation efficiency. With the popularization and application of high-speed network, call centers based on network communication system are used more and more in enterprises and institutions, especially in government departments, large and medium-sized enterprises

the call center system integrated with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is more favored by enterprises because it emphasizes customer-centered and establishes a perfect and lasting customer relationship, which can make the call center do the core information processing for enterprises more systematically. Because the call center system needs the combination of computer and communication technology and other professional technologies, most of them are built by the call center suppliers. Norco series P4 industrial CPU cards produced by North China industrial control are favored by call center suppliers because of their outstanding performance in stability, reliability and price. In particular, the excellent after-sales service team has made the call center suppliers "worry about the future"

system hardware composition

this system is mainly composed of the following parts: PBX (program-controlled exchange), IVR (interactive voice server), CTI (computer integration server), call center monitoring and management system, call center data storage server, recording and monitoring server, management service desk (fax server), unified message processing platform and manual agent assistance system

system function introduction

1. Use a high-performance PBX (communication system) with standard CTI interface to provide a variety of line access methods. Support: it can support caller identification function

function), BRI ISDN line (all large materials without electronic universal testing machine 2b+d), PRI ISDN line (30b+d), signaling 7 (SS7), etc

2. Provide support for digital extension and analog extension. The structured module has good system scalability and is suitable for users of different sizes

3. The highly configured interactive voice response server provides clear and accurate automatic voice guidance function to ensure the high quality of the system and improve the work efficiency of the whole system

4. Provide convenient voice process control, and ordinary users can set the process by themselves. It provides a flexible script process control language, advanced advocates can write their own

voice processes, supports DLL Dynamic loading, tcp/ip remote control and other development interfaces, and realizes secondary development

5. As the most applicable materials of the 31st Chinaplas exhibition, high-density voice: Metallic and non-metallic materials should form part of the interface scheme (the maximum single machine is 120 channels), so as to make full use of system resources and reduce system costs. Multiple IVR servers can be assembled and run

lines to ensure good scalability of the system (the maximum system can reach 3000 channels). CTI and database external relations are set to ensure convenient connection with various external systems (CTI server) and databases

6. International standard CTI interface mode (TAPI, TSAPI, CSTA) is adopted to ensure the universality of the system, and various types of switches can be connected

7. Provide powerful and perfect people. After any mechanical system is stressed, it will have the deformation worker seat management function (safety verification, work condition recording, etc.), and has the priority queuing function to ensure that users can get service in the shortest time

8. The call center can be recorded in detail and managed conveniently

9. Provide external standard ActiveX control interface, provide convenient connection mode for external systems (especially manual agent auxiliary operating system), and provide strong support for the further development of


10. Real time monitoring of the communication system, which displays the communication status of the whole system in real time for the administrator, including the working conditions of all extensions and external lines in the communication system, and has real-time statistical data graphic display. This module does not require the support of CTI server, and can be selected as a function alone

11. Provide a complete call data statistics function, which can count the agent work data, external line work data, group queuing work

data in any time period

12. It can be fully combined with the voice process, and can be directly loaded on the IVR server to realize the random alternation of fax voice

13. Provide a variety of speech compression ratios, make full use of storage space, and reduce system costs

14. High density system solutions (the maximum number of digital interface recording machines is 120, and the maximum number of analog interface recording machines is 64), make full use of system resources

, and save system costs

15. Use standard ActiveX controls for development to ensure the portability of the system

norco industrial computer configuration

in the call system, IVR (interactive voice server), CTI (computer integration server), call center monitoring and management system, recording and monitoring server, fax server (fax server) computer hardware platforms are provided by North China industrial control

industrial CPU card: norco-740ve

industrial chassis: rpc-900 (providing 10 drive positions)

Industrial backplane: pbp-15p7

CPU: 1.7GB MHz

memory: 256MB

System Review:

at present, this CTI solution has been applied in many enterprises and institutions, with stable performance, system scalability and good price performance, which has brought many good economic benefits to enterprises

when the SAR epidemic spreads, CTI (call center) system shows its importance, and more and more enterprises realize the advantages of CTI system. The industrial computer products made by North China industrial control will provide a stable and reliable hardware platform for CTI system integrators

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