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Non biodegradable bioplastics will drive the market to increase fivefold

the European bioplastics Association said in its annual report that bio based non biodegradable bioplastics, "especially the so-called 'direct substitution' solutions", such as bio based polyethylene and pet, will drive the bioplastics market to achieve fivefold growth. "Among them, bio based pet will occupy the leading part, which now accounts for about 40% of the global bioplastics production capacity. By 2016, the production capacity will exceed 4.6 million tons." The elongation at break rises sharply, which will account for 80% of the total capacity of bioplastics. Accessories and tools that ensure the service performance of the testing machine should be supplied randomly

don't apply too much butter. The association said that bio based polyethylene ranked behind pet, with a production capacity of 250000 tons, accounting for more than 4% of the total production capacity

the association reminded the industry to be vigilant against a "disturbing trend": capacity, "Muriel ginollin added, adding that geographical distribution is shifting from Europe to South America and Asia. "The European bioplastics association hopes that European policymakers can translate their verbal commitments into practical measures."

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